LINKS! Pete Davidson’s Ariana Grande tattoos, Johnny Depp looking sick?, Heathers reboot shelved…

Pete Davidson's Ariana Grande tattoos

CELEBITCHYPete Davidson from SNL is dating Ariana Grande, and he seems to be very, very happy about that. This weekend, he got two tattoos inspired by Ariana — one a nod to the cover of Dangerous Woman (behind his ear), and the other her initials (on his hand). On a related note, I had no idea how many tattoos Pete Davidson has; we don’t often see them on SNL

DLISTEDJohnny Depp’s money troubles appear to have extended to his diet: In recent pics he looks less like Captain Jack Sparrow and more like one of the Pirates of the Caribbean‘s many undead CGI ghouls

JEZEBELThe TV version of the 1988 movie Heathers, which had its premiere twice delayed by school shootings, has now been permanently shelved. But Paramount is apparently shopping the already-written second season, which “is not set in a high school, but in the 1700s and is supposed to revolve around Marie Antoinette” (?!)

REALITY TEARHOP’s Monique Samuels says Ashley Darby is “a self-absorbed, dysfunctional child” whose biggest mistake “is believing her own lies about herself and others.” So, no, she didn’t accept Ashley’s apology after their now-infamous “four martini” lunch and car crash

LAINEY GOSSIPHere’s the first trailer for Widows, which stars Viola Davis as the head of a group of four women “who have to pull off a heist to repay a debt their husbands failed to deliver on when their own heist went wrong.” It’s fire

VOX If you’ve been thinking seriously about faking your own death, here’s a handy primer on how to do that. Bonus: if you haven’t been thinking about faking your own death, the primer also includes some reasons why you might want to

THE BLEMISHThe former manager of a Texas auto dealership –who was fired for, among other things, farting in his employees’ offices and pinching their nipples — is being sued by another former employee, who says the manager called him a sex offender in a group text

VERY SMART BROTHAS“10 Thoughts About Kanye West’s New Album, Ye

(Photo credit: Pete Davidson’s Ariana Grande tattoos via Instagram)

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