LINKS! Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson engaged, IHOB flops, DeNiro F-bombs…

Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson engaged

DLISTED24-year-old Ariana Grande and her 24-year-old boyfriend Pete Davidson are engaged after exactly three weeks and two days of dating. This will end well…for gossip blogs

THE BLEMISHIHOP changed its name to IHOB and the “B” doesn’t stand for “Breakfast” like everybody (rightly) assumed it would; instead it stands for “Burgers” because IHOP wants to get away with using the same griddle for everything

CELEBITCHYRobert DeNiro sort of took a stand at the Tony Awards by saying “F*ck Trump” two times in two sentences. It’s the most passionate performance anybody’s been able to get out of him in decades

JEZEBELAnd speaking of the Tony Awards, Neil Patrick Harris tried to low-key shade backstage hostess Rachel Bloom on Twitter during the ceremony itself; her response is textbook and should therefore be taught to all aspiring reality stars & “content generators”

REALITY TEARHOC just dropped its first preview of Season 13, which premieres July 16. Among the highlights: Emily Simpson and Gina Kirschenheiter, the two latest additions to the cast

VOXThere’s only person Al Franken wants to come to his defense less than former President Bill Clinton, and that’s current President Donald Trump

VERY SMART BROTHAS“Anthony Bourdain Was Remarkable Because He Possessed Qualities That Shouldn’t Be”

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPNeal E. Boyd, who won America’s Got Talent Season 3 back in 2008, died of multiple causes including kidney and heart failure Monday night in his Missouri hometown

PAJIBAHere’s an amazing photo gallery of every one of Cate Blanchett’s amazing outfits from Ocean’s 8. My favorite line from the accompanying write-up is “[Cate] actually dresses like how Johnny Depp thinks he dresses”

(Photo credits: Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson engaged via Instagram)

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