LINKS! Steve Harvey’s NYE outfit, Chocolate going extinct, Royal Wedding drama…

Steve Harvey's NYE outfit 2

DLISTEDTamar Braxton’s estranged husband Vincent Herbert was arrested for spousal abuse on Christmas Day and allegedly got another woman pregnant, Happy New Year!

REALITY TEALaLa Kent finally made good on her private jet boasts by taking the Vanderump Rules cast to Vegas in one

CELEBITCHYWillow Smith says growing up famous is “absolutely, excruciatingly terrible,” and based on this explanation we have no reason to doubt her

JEZEBELChocolate will be extinct by 2050 unless science can save it. Given prevailing American attitudes toward science, this is a job for the rest of the world

THE BLEMISHPennsylvania’s huge deer population is apparently such a huge problem that 3,300 Pennsylvanians applied for roadkill permits so they could legally eat the ones they hit with their cars last year. Takeaway: “Roadkill permit” is a thing

VOXThis report on how former Trump aide George Papadopoulos may have kicked off the Russia investigation by getting drunk and bragging about dirt the campaign had on Hillary Clinton is a season-long Veep arc come to life (except funnier, more absurd, and of course more terrifying)

VERY SMART BROTHASAnd speaking of international incidents, apparently Trump is mad that he’s not going to be invited to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding but Barack Obama is

LAINEY GOSSIPBen Affleck is the Scott Disick of JLo and ARod’s relationship (complete with photo receipt goodness)

UPROXXSteve Harvey’s New Year’s Eve outfit was more hilarious than just about all of the jokes it inspired on Twitter

(Photo credit: Steve Harvey’s NYE outfit via Fox)

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