LINKS! Ryan Seacrest sexual harassment claims, Love & Hip Hop White House, Duggar babies by the numbers…

CELEBITCHYIt’s tough to read the full article on the Ryan Seacrest sexual harassment claims and not come away thinking that Seacrest was “a powerful boss who felt entitled to an employee’s body.” Seacrest denied the claims, his alleged victim made a counter-statement to his denial, and E! really wishes this was all happening literally any other time than the week Seacrest is still scheduled to host their Academy Awards Red Carpet show

VERY SMART BROTHASThis is the best comparison possible for the Trump administration, which really *is* Love & Hip Hop for terrible white (and / or crazy) people. If I had even minimal video editing skills I would be cutting a supertrailer based on this premise right now

VOXAnd speaking of the reality TV White House, the Mueller investigation is now apparently investigating the president’s continued abuse of Jeff Sessions, who the president also apparently refers to as Mr. Magoo in private. In other news, there is too much dysfunction in the reality TV White House for the Mueller investigation to ever actually end

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPHere’s a “Duggar Babies By The Numbers” post to tell you probably everything there is to know about this ever-growing family. Hats off to Ashley for doing this much investigation into the Duggar way of procreation; I couldn’t make it any farther than “Since 2014, there has been at least one pregnant Duggar at all times”

JEZEBEL“Woman Allegedly Poisoned Her Doppelgänger With Cheesecake in Order to Steal Her Identity”

REALITY TEAFormer Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller was denied her early release from prison because of either a mix-up in paperwork or a prison budget crisis (it honestly isn’t clear which) or because her “prison consultant and coach” has no idea what she is talking about

THE BLEMISHA YouTube “biohacker” named Ben Greenfield would like you to believe that he made his penis bigger by injecting it with stem cells. Just wait for the swelling to go down

UPROXXAn evil genius erected a life-sized statue of Jason Voorhees at the bottom of a lake at a summer camp in Minnesota. Next step: getting the current generation of summer camp-goers to watch Friday the 13th

LAINEY GOSSIPEveryone’s talking about Barbara Streisand cloning her two dogs. And, to be fair, is the craziest detail to emerge from her new Variety interview. But it’s not the most significant part of the interview — that would be the part where she talks about having to suffer through “the boys’ club” and a mutiny of her (male) crew on the set of movies when she was already an established director but Nick Nolte had a diva moment

DLISTEDAfter teasing the possibility for a few days, the reunited Spice Girls now appear to have confirmed that, no, they aren’t going to be performing at the royal wedding. Just like how they teased the possibility of a reunion tour before nixing that idea. But they are still reunited, right? Are we all going to turn around soon and find out the Spice Girls weren’t walking right behind us after all?

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