LINKS! Shamea Morton pregnant, Amal Clooney’s wedding fitting, Laxative brownie fail…

Shamea Morton pregnant

REALITY TEAShamea Morton of The Real Housewives of Atlanta used Mother’s Day to announce that she and her husband Gerald Mwangi are expecting their first child together. Congrats to them! Shamea is due “around Thanksgiving,” which means there’s plenty of time for all sorts of tabloid shenanigans regarding her uterus between now and RHOA’s season premiere

LAINEY GOSSIPIf you’re anything like me and find yourself oddly and increasingly fascinated by all things Royal Wedding, perhaps you’ll appreciate this tidbit on Amal Clooney’s wedding fitting. (Tl;dr: Amal tried on the dress she’s going to wear; they’re adjusting it; also we now know who is doing her hair). It’s all dumb as hell and I can’t look away

THE BLEMISHA Michigan woman had the cops called on her, got fired from her job, and was nearly arrested for merely planning on putting laxatives in her departing co-worker’s brownies. And honestly, at that point, I’m genuinely disappointed she didn’t just say ‘F*ck it’ and make the sh!tty brownies anyway

JEZEBEL“Martha Stewart and Snoop Became BFFs After He Accidentally Got Her Stoned on National Television”

CELEBITCHYEventually, Donald Trump did make it to the hospital to sit with Melania, who had “a surgical procedure to treat a kidney condition” and will be in the hospital for the rest of the week

VOXOh, right — *that’s* why America is now making China great again

DLISTEDBohemian Rhapsody, the big-budget Hollywood take on the Freddy Mercury saga, finally has a trailer and a release date. Hollywood biopics are uniformly terrible, and this movie has been in development hell for so long it may well turn out to be a disaster of Biblical proportions

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