LINKS! Camille Cosby divorcing Bill, Beyonce pregnant again?, Roseanne still racist…

Camille Cosby divorcing Bill

DLISTEDApparently Camille Cosby, Bill Cosby’s wife of 54 years, may have taken their “chef, multiple drivers, and three grown-a$$ kids” and moved out to their house in Massachusetts while Bill hangs his head alone in Pennsylvania

CELEBITCHYTabloids are starting to cover what attendees of the OTRII tour have been gossiping about for weeks: It sure *looks* like Beyonce might be pregnant again

THE BLEMISHRoseanne is now claiming that her tweet comparing former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett to an ape was actually anti-Semitic, not racist. Didn’t Roseanne say she was leaving Twitter a few weeks ago?

JEZEBELRudy Giuliani’s sex life may be both the first controversial topic the current White House has refused to comment on and the first thing they’ve done that liberals approve of. Maybe we’re not as divided a nation as it seems

VOXAnd speaking of the White House’s comments on things, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is having an increasingly difficult time spinning the Trump administration’s decision to separate immigrant children from their families at the border

LAINEY GOSSIPRachel Bloom used part of her new feature in GQ to talk about her recent Twitter spat with Neil Patrick Harris and celebrities who “think every kind of random, unformed thought is a gem.” One person whose thoughts are actual gems? Rachel Bloom

REALITY TEARHOP has hit its petty stride and Gizelle Bryant’s latest comments on Monique Samuels and Karen Huger are perfect proof

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPBunim-Murray, the production company behind The Real World, is “looking to reboot / reinvent it the way MTV recently did” with Jersey Shore

PAJIBAHillary Clinton got in a nice burn in the wake of the IG’s report on the FBI’s investigation into her e-mails. But I bet she’d trade it to be president

THE BLASTBlink-182 had to postpone its Las Vegas residency after Travis Barker developed blood clots in both arms. However, if you’re like me and came of age alongside Blink-182’s late-90s ascent into stardom, the bigger news is that they’re now old and established enough to warrant a Vegas residency

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