LINKS! $2 million dollar bra, Live-action Lion King cast, Dustin Hoffman accused…

2 million dollar bra

DLISTEDWendy Williams blames menopause for her on-air faint during the Halloween show

REALITY TEABefore you switch over to Thanksgiving mode (three weeks, y’all!), here’s one more great big roundup of celebrities and their kids in full-on Halloween costumed glory

CELEBITCHYDustin Hoffman has done some pretty disgusting things to women over the years–some of whom, it turns out, were underage!–and now those women are talking about it

JEZEBELI’m having a really hard time imagining what a live-action Lion King will look like (are they just going to Broadway it up again?), but the cast for the upcoming remake looks damn fantastic

THE BLEMISH73-year-old Mick Jagger has a 23-year-old girlfriend because of course he does

VOXFor the legal scholars and constitutional aficionados out there: Here’s why the president can’t simply pardon his way out of legal trouble

VERY SMART BROTHASWe’ve all lost the war against Starbucks

THE SUPERFICIAL“So that’s what a $2 million bra looks like”

UPROXXAnd this is Kristen Bell talking about big juicy butts

(Photo credits: 2 million dollar bra via Lais Ribeiro on Instagram)

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