LINKS! Lorde’s Grammy beef, Tom Hanks is Mr. Rogers, Blue Ivy steals the show…

DLISTEDTom Hanks is going to play Mr. Rogers in a forthcoming biopic called You Are My Friend. It sounds like this particular movie might avoid the biopic’s cardinal sin of trying to cram an entire life into two-and-a-half bloated Oscar-intended hours, and will instead focus on a brief period in Mr. Rogers’ life. Good news all around!

REALITY TEAStephen McGee claims his recently avowed enemy and Summer House co-star Carl Radke “f*cked Scheana Marie” back in early December, though he gave some eyebrow-raising details as evidence

CELEBITCHYApparently Lorde didn’t perform at the Grammys because the powers that be only asked her to sing as part of the Tom Petty tribute and not to do a song solo. Though Lorde was up for Album of the Year, the show’s producer defended the decision by saying “We can’t have every nominee perform.” To which any rational observer might respond: Why did the other AOTY nominees get to do so?

JEZEBELAmong the praise Nicole Kidman had for the bugs she ate on-camera for a Vanity Fair piece: “Awesome. Like nothing you’ve ever tasted. Like…a hairy…nut.”

THE BLEMISHIt really *is* easy to forget that Blue Ivy is just six years old in this clip of her shushing her parents at the Grammys…

VERY SMART BROTHAS…until you see the pics of Beyonce holding snacks and a juice box for her daughter during commercial breaks

VOXThe Cleveland Indians are going to stop using their mascot, Chief Wahoo, beginning with the 2019 baseball season. Dan Snyder’s double-down response forthcoming

LAINEY GOSSIPThe dance Rihanna was doing at the Grammys is called Gwara Gwara; it’s from South Africa. Here’s that, plus a photo gallery of the woman doing what she does

UPROXXNorm Macdonald is apparently going to join the ranks of David Letterman with his very own talk show on Netflix. The only thing that could be better is if Norm just became Dave’s permanent guest

(Photo credit: Lorde’s Grammy beef via Zuma / Splash News)

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