LINKS! Christmas Boobs of Instagram, Leo’s new GF, Mindy Kaling gives birth…

Christmas Boobs of Instagram

DLISTEDMindy Kaling gave birth to her first child and both mother and daughter are healthy, congrats!

REALITY TEABrielle Biermann tweeted that Kim Zolciak is pregnant because Kim shared a video of Brielle’s boobs on Snapchat

CELEBITCHYIt took 48 hours for Taylor Swift’s app to be overrun by “Trump-loving trolls and homophobic comments”

JEZEBELHot take alert: “The Real Housewives are bad now”

THE BLEMISHBy contrast, the number of Christmas boobs overrunning Instagram bring only holiday cheer

VOXOne day after passing a hugely unpopular and grossly unfair tax bill, it’s entirely possible that Congress is about to fumble its way into a government shutdown

VERY SMART BROTHAS“Playing the National Anthem Before Sporting Events Is a Stupid and Silly Tradition and We Need To Stop Doing It”

THE SUPERFICIAL43-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio’s new girlfriend Camila Morrone is a 20-year-old model, so his now-decades long streak of dating models under the age of 25 is still going strong

UPROXXCardi B went on Jimmy Fallon last night and made an interview about engagement rings and lotion use one of his most entertaining moments all year

(Photo credits: Christmas Boobs of Instagram via @daisycallmeyn)

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