LINKS! Matt Lauer’s sex abuse, Victoria’s Secret N-bomb, Serena Williams’ corporate wedding…

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill performing live on the 'Today' show

DLISTEDAmong the more disturbing Matt Lauer sexual harassment allegations: He could lock his office door without getting up via a secret button in his desk

REALITY TEAKenya Moore doesn’t understand why Kim Zolciak is so mean to her

CELEBITCHYIt was totally within Serena Williams’ rights to line up corporate endorsements for her wedding, wedding reception, and honeymoon…but it’s also (a little more than) “slightly tacky”

JEZEBELIs it OK for a bunch of not-black Victoria’s Secret models to drop an N-bomb while singing “Bodak Yellow” backstage at this year’s Fashion Show?

THE BLEMISHSir Elton John is going to make eight figures thanks to Beyonce’s vocals when the new Lion King soundtrack comes out

VOX“The Senate tax bill is really a health care bill with major implications for more than 100 million Americans who rely on the federal government for their health insurance.”

VERY SMART BROTHASThe world would be a quieter place if small talk were eliminated forever, which is reason enough to stop making it

THE SUPERFICIALAvengers: Infinity War and the Kevin Spacey-free version of All the Money in the World both released their trailers yesterday, so here you go. (Also, side note: how many hot dogs can *you* eat in one minute?)

UPROXXThe Twitter employee who shut down Donald Trump’s account for 11 minutes has come forward

(Photo credit: Matt Lauer’s sex abuse via WENN)

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