LINKS! Donald Trump Girthers, Amber Rose breast reduction, How is Mama June still a thing?…

DLISTEDWoody Allen’s adopted daughter Dylan Farrow’s first-ever interview will air on CBS today. In the preview, she tells Gayle King she wants to “bring Woody Allen down” and hopes that by coming forward again now — it’s been 25 years since the initial allegations that Allen abused Farrow sexually — people will believe her

REALITY TEAThis interview with new RHOBH cast member Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave is notable for its refreshing clarity and surprising lack of shade. Although she had a lot of praise for Lisa Vanderpump, so if you’re not in that camp you probably found a new reason to dislike her

CELEBITCHYFolks who believe that Donald Trump must weigh more than his officially stated 239 pounds have started the Girther movement to bring the Big Mac-flavored truth to light. William Howard Taft jokes inbound

JEZEBELHere’s a super-interesting and super-salient point: Mama June is back like nothing ever happened. But she reunited with the man who was convicted for molesting one of her daughters after he was released from prison for molesting one of her daughters. So how was she able to pull off a rebrand?

THE BLEMISHAmber Rose had her 36H boobs reduced to a more manageable size, still plans to show them off regularly

VOXSpeaking of Donald Trump, his plan for Republican success in the midterm elections is to hope there’s a terrorist attack between now and then. Mama June doesn’t look so bad all of a sudden

LAINEY GOSSIPJustin Timberlake let an interview tell him he had made peace with Janet Jackson so that Timberlake could respond affirmatively without ever having to actually say he had made peace with Janet Jackson and then pat himself on the back by actually saying it’s not anyone’s business, though. Oh, and the Super Bowl is two weeks away

UPROXXAnd speaking of timing, enjoy this interview of Vince Gilligan talking about Walter White and the Breaking Bad writers’ room’s toughest jams to get out of in honor of the show’s tenth anniversary

(Photo credit: Donald Trump girthers via Zuma / Splash News)

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