LINKS! The Property Brothers’ balls, House of Cards canceled, Vanderpump Rules returns…

The Property Brothers' balls

DLISTEDKevin Spacey managed to both get House of Cards canceled after its next season *and* stop production of that season dead in its tracks

REALITY TEAHere’s the first trailer for Vanderpump Rules Season 6, which drops December 4th

CELEBITCHYJohn Kelly is…not a historian

JEZEBELHalloween may be over, but scary stories are always in season

THE BLEMISHSexual harassment fallout’s latest victim is Andy Dick, which is not a surprise to anyone who has ever met or heard anything about him

VOXThis is your brain on fake news

CELEBSLAMHere’s a photo gallery of Lena Gerke lingerie shots

THE SUPERFICIALAnd here’s the Property Brothers kinda sorta showing off their balls for Halloween

UPROXXThis interview with Robert Plant is a good thing

(Photo credit: The Property Brothers’ balls via Instagram)

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