Love & Hip Hop’s Cardi B plans prison wedding with jailed boyfriend, lashes out at critics

Cardi B wedding 2

The Cardi B wedding controversy is very real, and the breakout star of Love & Hip Hop Season Six is willing to call out fans who disagree with her conduct. After some recent comments about marrying her boyfriend in jail went viral, those fans got nasty; but the Cardi B wedding will take place where and whenever Cardi B wants it–something that Cardi was quick to remind her followers.

The whole Cardi B wedding argument got started in the newest episode of Love & Hip Hop, after Cardi, to the surprise of many viewers, said she’d rather get married in prison than on the outside. In part, that’s because she doesn’t want “bridesmaids and bouquets” to deal with, and, in part, it’s because in her mind any Cardi B wedding is going to involve her beloved boyfriend Tommy, who is currently serving time on a gun charge.

That comment drew a fair amount of snark from Love & Hip Hop fans, and word got back to Cardi, who put her haters on blast with a since-deleted Instagram post. Thanks to the eagle eyes at The Shade Room, though, we can offer a (gently censored) screencap of the Cardi B wedding message:

Cardi B wedding

It certainly seems like the love between the pair is real. One of Tommy’s last Instagram updates before surrendering to authorities was a profession of love for Cardi B:


And Cardi B seems to be over the controversy, if her recent tweet of reconciliation is any indication:

Though it might be worth pointing out that Cardi can change her behavior on a dime…

Behavior changes:

(Photo credits: Cardi B wedding via Instagram, The Shade Room)

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