Meet Dr. Catrise Austin, the dentist who fixed Cardi B’s teeth

Cardi B's teeth 3

Other than dealing with rumors that she and boyfriend Offset are expecting a baby, the most common bit of gossip that Cardi B has to deal with involves her teeth. The “Bodak Yellow” superstar has been open about her new grill since having some intensive dental work done last year. In fact, Cardi B’s teeth were a major topic of conversation during one of her first Breakfast Club interviews, way back in the summer of 2016.

Now that “Bodak Yellow” has gone to #1, though, Cardi B’s teeth are getting a whole new round of scrutiny–especially because of the shout-out her dentist gets in the song. Dr. Catrise Austin, who bills herself as The Queen of Smiles, even says that her phone is blowing up with inquiries from Cardi fans who want to talk about getting some dental work of their own. As The Queen recent explained to TMZ,

Since the song…went out, things have been incredible. Just this week I’ve gotten so many calls, just because people wonder ‘Who is Cardi B’s dentist?’ My business has actually tripled. And I have seen so many different people…Cardi B has inspired [people] to improve their smile.

It’s worth pointing out that Dr. Austin’s clientele already included some of the biggest names in hip-hop and R&B, including Toni Braxton, Common, DJ Khaled, and Busta Rhymes. But it’s Cardi B’s teeth that are really helping the newly famous dentist break into the mainstream.

For comparison’s sake, here’s the good doctor and her most famous client, explaining the now-legendary story of Cardi B’s teeth herself:

And we’ll leave you with this unintentionally hilarious video of Cardi repping for her dentist. Watch as she struggles to keep from dropping her usual F-bombs left and right:

(Photo credits: Cardi B’s teeth via Instagram)

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