Cardi B streams with no makeup while making money moves in Miami

Cardi B with no makeup

Multi-platinum rap superstar, and former Love & Hip Hop New York cast member, Cardi B is currently in Miami filming a music video and putting the finishing touches on her debut album Invasion of Privacy, due out on April 6. In between recording sessions, Cardi B has been updating her 20+ million Instagram followers multiple times daily, including a recent Instagram Live clip in which she is completely without makeup as she reveals she is under the weather — but still makin’ money moves!

“Hey y’all,” Cardi begins with a somewhat hoarse voice. “So I slept in the studio, and I’m getting sicker, sicker, and sicker. This Miami weather with the air conditioner is f**kin’ me up!”

Although Cardi B appears to be at the brink of exhaustion, she explains that she is going to keep pushing in hopes of getting one more track in the can. “I need to do one more song for this album,” she explains, “I just — I really need to do it.”

Another shot of Cardi B au naturale:

Cardi B without makeup

Speaking of her album, Cardi B caused quite the stir this week when she debuted the Beyonce and Lady Gaga from “Telephone” meets Tom Petty’s “Don’t Come Around Here No More” music video mashup album cover for Invasion of Privacy, in which she is sporting a black-and-white checkered outfit, wavy golden hair, and white cat eye sunglasses:

Something tells me that I now have a pretty good idea what 75% of trick-or-treaters will look like this October. 🙂 I also expect that we will soon be seeing a Cardibmoji app.

Cardi B emoji CardiBmoji

Congratulations to Cardi B on all her successes! Her story is AMAZING, and she will be referenced for decades to come any time any aspiring musician is featured on a reality show, or used to strip to pay the bills or whatever. It’s a bad*ss story, and it is truly a uniquely American bad*ss story. 🙂 I can’t wait to hear the new album and find out the next chapter!

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