Love & Hip Hop’s Cardi B shades the Peter Gunz Tara Wallace pregnancy; Tara flaunts baby bump

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The Peter Gunz Tara Wallace pregnancy has Love & Hip Hop fans talking–but no one’s got more to say (or more people listening!) than Cardi B. The breakout star of Love & Hip Hop Season Six recently dropped what some fans are calling serious shade and others are saying is just the simple, objective truth about the matter of the Peter Gunz Tara Wallace pregnancy, coming as it does on the heels of Amina Buddafly’s abortion of Gunz’s unborn child.

Most Love & Hip Hop fans appeared to be shocked–but not surprised–by the admission, in last week’s “Fallout,” that the rumored Tara Wallace Peter Gunz pregnancy is still very much real. Tara had let viewers believe that she’d had an abortion a few weeks earlier, right around the time of Amina Buddafly’s admission of her pregnancy and acknowledgement that she’d terminated it. The fallout from the latest Love & Hip Hop update was indeed swift; fans took to social media to decry all parties involved with the Tara Wallace Peter Gunz pregnancy, but Tara and Peter brushed off their detractors like so much unexpected dandruff.

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Cardi B, though, isn’t one to hold back what she really things. It’s one of the reasons why she’s become the fastest rising star on Love & Hip Hop Season Six, and the main reason why fans (and haters!) are so eager to hear from her. This week, Cardi obliged, telling VH1’s midweek cameras that there must be something…special…about Peter, in order for him to keep Tara and Amina so (relatively) chill:

“I would expect that from girls my age,” Cardi said; “you know we young and dumb….I do think Amina is smart. I mean, you got an abortion, like, you know better, like, why be with a man that keeps cheating on you, and then have another baby?”

Cardi then started to get pragmatic: “Do he even got money like that?….You know, I really like [a] dark man; [Peter’s] too light-skinned. I don’t like nobody that’s lighter than me. So he’s not my type–but he’s from the Bronx, though, and you know I love me some dirty a** Bronx n*ggas.”

And, from there, Cardi got to the essence of the matter at hand: “You know what, like, I’m gonna have to tell one of my friends to f*ck him. ‘Cause I need to know about his d*ck game. Like, that sh*t gotta be poppin’. He got, like, a million kids, everybody wanna be with him….I need to know about his d*ck game. I have to know.”

The Love & Hip Hop breakout star also dispelled any notions regarding a Cardi B pregnancy, and told fans exactly how they should expect her to announce it:

?????? …..remember this in 2 years when I give yaa my announcement

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Tara, meanwhile, kept positivity front and center–along with her own rapidly developing figure:

The newest episode of Love & Hip Hop–entitled “Ups & Downs”–airs tonight, at 8 PM EST, on VH1.


(Photo credits: Peter Gunz Tara Wallace pregnancy via Instagram)

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