LHHNY Season 7 Reunion spoilers: Mega-drama & multiple brawls at taping

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We’re nearing the end of Love & Hip Hop New York‘s latest season, which means the time for LHHNY Season 7 Reunion spoilers is here! The show just concluded the first session of its reunion taping, and gossip is general regarding the show’s latest drama, beefs, and outright smackdowns! And, as you might expect, almost every member of the main cast got involved in the fireworks, whether via screaming match or fisticuffs–or, in one unfortunate example, getting pinioned by security before landing any blows.

It’s probably best to start with the latest & most widespread rumor–namely, that Mendeecees Harris’ baby mama Samantha Wallace was attacked and badly injured during the taping. The article alleging such a thing, according to noted tea pourers Fameolous, is way off. In fact, it sounds like the opposite might be true, and Samantha didn’t manage to lay hands on anyone:

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But fear not: apparently there was plenty of baby mama drama to be had. Yandy and Judy cast endless shade on Samantha and Erika, who returned the favor in kind. And it looks like Mendeecees even called in from prison, though it’s not clear how long he was able to participate for. Love & Hip Hop Tea brought the gossip:

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We also know it looks like Cardi B went out with a bang. The fan favorite is jumping off the LHHNY ship after just two seasons, but her feud with Asia boiled over once more:

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(Man, is it ever going to be tough for the show to fill Cardi’s shoes. Hopefully she’ll at least make a guest appearance or two next season…)

We also know that Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace were both in attendance, though it seems their ongoing drama with Peter Gunz was not the showstopper it proved to be last year. Whether that means the current rumors are true, and Peter and Tara are back together, or that Peter is, for the first time in a long time, with neither of his two most recent baby mamas, has yet to be seen.

However, it also looks like one new cast member’s time with the show might have come to a close. Reports that Sofi Green wasn’t at the reunion have since been confirmed by Sofi herself, who said she was working on new music down Miami way while the taping took place. That doesn’t necessarily mean Sofi won’t be coming back for LHHNY Season 8–but she also didn’t sound too disappointed by the prospect on Twitter:

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Finally–as if all that weren’t enough!–Bianca and Sky took their DJ Drewski-based feud to the hilt:

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It’s not currently known whether there’ll be a second round of reunion filming with the current cast. However, the current scheduling rumor is that at least one part of the reunion will air in late February or early March.

Love & Hip Hop New York Season 7 airs Monday nights on VH1.

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(Photo credits: LHHNY Season 7 Reunion spoilers via Instagram, Twitter; h/t to Fameolous and LHHTEA)

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