PHOTOS LHHNY Cardi B’s boyfriend Tommy blows up relationship in letters from prison: ‘F*ck you Stank Dirty B!tch’

Cardi B boyfriend Tommy 3

The Cardi B boyfriend Tommy relationship has been a rocky one for months, thanks to the increasing popularity of the LHHNY star. After all, it wasn’t that long ago when Cardi revealed she intended to marry Tommy in an exercise yard ceremony at the very prison where he’s doing time. And, shortly after that, she let pregnancy gossip about herself and Tommy reach a high, rolling boil before dialing the heat back. So, recently, after Cardi went too long without writing to him, Tommy decided to slap his girlfriend down hard–and Cardi published his letters to her on her Instagram page. Of course, Cardi also doesn’t truck with haters, so her response was exactly the brush-off you’d expect.

Though she deleted the two letters not too long after publishing them, the intrepid gossipsters at Fameolous managed to snag screencaps of both. Here’s the first of the two, with a transcription beneath. It sounds quite a bit gentler and kinder than the second…

Cardi B boyfriend Tommy 1

Wassup lil bro? I need somebody to talk to I’m tired was just listening to music & working out tryna keep my mind clear feel me…I miss you son…Gangsta…Do me a favor send me some fine pictures I miss that thang & I need to relieve some stress lol send them priority don’t bullsh!t though help a n!gga jerk off lol no nudes though just lingerie or something son…I ain’t gon lie my mind is f*cked up right now but I’m getting better I didn’t know it would feel like this losing you partially I didn’t mind losing you but this sh!t hurt lol I feel empty without you lil bro…you still gon be my valentine? I’m gangsta but Ima be honst I been crying over your b!tch a$$ lol then I curse myself out & just workout I was living in a fairytale thinking Ima come home cuddle up with you & just hae mad sed & be happy SMH but I’ll holla though I love you be safe

And here’s the second letter, which appears to have been written some time later; it’s not clear if the date that Tommy mentions is the 22nd of December, or an earlier month. Nonetheless, he’s not pleased:

Cardi B boyfriend Tommy 2

B!tch you a Dubb…I just got a letter from my mom that she sent on the 22nd Which #1 means you never sent a letter or I would have got it already #2 you talking about everything else besides being here #3 Suck My D!ck If you don’t want t be around Don’t I ain’t choosing ya B!tch a$$

Why my bunkee get mail and I don’t WTF!!! Lol it’s aight tho Tommy gon get right

I be home soon I don’t need you or sh!t from you I’m good on my own

f*ck you stank

Don’t write me
Don’t come see me
Don’t think about me

One curious note about the Cardi B boyfrend Tommy letters: their handwriting definitely looks feminine. It’s not impossible that a man would dot his lowercase i’s and j’s with open circles, but it’s definitely unusual, to say the least…

But, regardless of who wrote the letters, Cardi certainly doesn’t seem bothered. Shortly after deleting the two posts above, she shared this Instagram update:

I lie ,I cheat ,I steal ?

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(Photo credits: Cardi B boyfriend Tommy via Instagram, h/t to Fameolous)

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