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HAUNTED LIVE Walking Horse Hotel haunted history and ghost hunt previews

The Tennessee Wraith Chasers' latest investigation takes them to Wartrace, a small town with a ton of haunted history. The Haunted Live Walking Horse Hotel episode features a building that's suffered more than its fair share of tragedy and travails -- and is the setting of more ghost stories than possibly any other location we've seen so far.

HAUNTED LIVE TWC reveals next location ahead of new episode: Cragfont history, ghost sightings, and more

The Tennessee Wraith Chasers just wrapped up a semi-impromptu Facebook Live event by unexpectedly pulling back the curtain on their next top-secret location! Read on for a full breakdown ahead of the Haunted Live Cragfont episode, including explainers on the Cragfont ghosts and why the mansion is infamously known as "the Mount Everest of haunted spots in Tennessee."

HAUNTED LIVE Octagon Hall’s paranormal history, death list, and ghost hunt highlights

Haunted Live's debut episode highlighted one of the most curious and oft-investigated paranormal sites in the state of Kentucky, if not the entire south. Octagon Hall's extensive history (and its notorious death list) were too much for a single hour of already ghost hunt-packed television to cover, so we thought we'd hit a few of the highlights for your paranormal pleasure!

HAUNTED LIVE Who are the Tennessee Wraith Chasers? Full bios, social media links, and more

Haunted Live, Travel Channel's groundbreaking new paranormal investigation show, is building up a ton of buzz ahead of its world premiere. But who are the Tennessee Wraith Chasers, the show's all-out investigatory crew? Read on for full bios and social media links for the five current Chasers, as well as a look at some of their extensive TV work to date