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Is Travis Fimmel leaving Vikings?

Could Ragnar really be done for? Is Travis Fimmel leaving Vikings? Fans of the History drama are wild with speculation that the show's star could be getting ready to depart, and a long-standing and oft-professed belief of showrunner Michael Hirst (and the events leading up to the show's midseason finale) might mean that Fimmel's time is nearly done.

PHOTOS Dianne Doan’s Yidu promises huge changes for Vikings Season 4

The Dianne Doan Vikings news has had fans of the History programme scratching their heads since it was first announced. How would Vikings writers work an Asian character into the Scandinavian-set period drama? And would Doan's character be anything more than set dressing for the show's increasingly complicated plot? As we've seen with Doan's first episode, her turn as Yidu looks to bring a great deal of intrigue to Ragnar's life–comments which have been affirmed by some of the many Dianne Doan Vikings interviews currently available.

More Vikings Season 4 spoilers: Is Travis Fimmel leaving the show?

Vikings Season 4 spoilers and new episode details are everywhere, thanks to peak excitement for tonight's season premiere. What do we know about the coming season, and what can we make reasonable guesses about? Read on for the latest–including a transcript of Travis Fimmel's recent Reddit AMA, and hints from show creator Michael Hirst that suggest Ragnar might not make it to Season 5...

Vikings Season 4 spoilers and speculation

History's Vikings is about to debut its fourth season, and Vikings season 4 spoilers and speculation are therefore at their most rampant. Thanks to the historical record (and the show's gentle adherence to it), we can guess responsibly with regard to some of the mysteries that Vikings season 4 holds. The fourth season also promises to be the boldest yet; History has ordered a double round of episodes–twenty episodes in total, or twice as many as usual–and fans are salivating over the prospect of a Danish overload.

How historically accurate is Vikings? A look at the facts behind the show

Is Vikings historically accurate? How historically accurate is Vikings?  The hugely popular History series is about to air its new season, and more folks are talking about it than ever before. The one question that seems to follow Vikings around like a curse, though, is also the simplest: is Vikings historically accurate? During the show's run, experts have given Vikings fairly high marks for getting a lot of little things right–though, of course, there are exceptions. To find out what's what, read on!