LHHATL Is Scrapp DeLeon getting out of prison early? Season 6, early release rumors coincide

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Did Scrapp DeLeon die? On the contrary: according to the most recent spate of rumors surrounding the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, Scrapp’s sentence may be reduced as part of a potential plea deal–meaning it’s possible that he could be freed in time to start shooting scenes for LHHATL Season 6.

We’ve previously reported that Scrapp, who was originally sentenced to 20 years on a drug trafficking charge, had his sentence reduced to five years in prison and 15 on probation shortly before he turned himself in this past spring. At the time, his scheduled release date was January of 2021 (because he had already served approximately two months, that time was subtracted from his sentence). And, shortly thereafter, Scrapp’s brother Sas offered an update on Scrapp’s prison sentence: he had been transferred within Georgia prisons, and was now serving his sentence in Oglethorpe GA, about two hours south of Atlanta.

Since those reports, we’ve gotten two more updates on Scrapp. The first also came from Sas, who told VH1 that his brother’s new prison is a maximum security facility. For that reason, he and the rest of Scrapp’s family has had to re-submit all their visitation paperwork, meaning that no one has been able to visit. Scrapp was transferred to a max facility because officials feared that the reality TV star’s visibility might make him a target: Love & Hip Hop is “the main show that they like to watch in the jails and in the prisons,” Sas explained. “I’ve gotten a couple of calls from people in jail and prison I haven’t talked to in years [who] reached out to me like, ’Y’all got everybody in here watching y’all on TV!'”

And, while life in max is difficult, a new rumor first reported by Fameolous should give Scrapp, his family, and his fans some hope. According to that report, Scrapp is expected to “get out early [enough] to film Season 6” of the show. Because filming usually begins in late autumn in order to set up a summer premiere, it’s possible–if the report is true–that Scrapp could be getting out of prison after just a few more months. (It’s also possible that Scrapp is being moved back to a minimum security prison, or that he’s been granted furloughs.)

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 concludes tonight; Season 6 is expected to debut in the summer of 2017.

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