VIDEO LHHATL Karen King’s ex spills tea on six-figure robbery, drug running

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Lyndon Baines Smith, Karen King’s ex and the victim of the beating and kidnapping for which she and her sons Sas and Scrapp DeLeon were arrested in 2012, has spoken at length about he and Karen’s relationship for the first time. In a wide-reaching interview with James Camper, Smith discusses he and Karen’s history, the family they started together, and the series of events that brought their love to a violent end.

Karen King’s ex has been at the center of one of the more arresting backstories of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5. Shortly before the new season began, we broke the news of Karen’s criminal history, including the six-person assault of Smith that she allegedly masterminded in Georgia four years ago. Karen, Sas, and Scrapp, along with three associates, ambushed Smith upon his arrival at King’s home, beat him senseless, threw him in the trunk of his own car, and dispatched one of their number to drive what they expected would be a dead body back to his Alabama home. Smith’s life was saved when a police officer discovered him during a routine traffic stop. (Click here to read our full report, including a photo of Smith taken by police immediately following his discovery.)

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In the interview with Camper, Karen King’s ex describes meeting Karen in 1991, after he finished a three-year stint in prison on a drug charge. “I went to my old neighborhood [in California],” Smith explains, “went to my old homeboys, just trying to get an update on what’s going on in the streets and whatnot.” A friend introduced Lyndon to Karen; “to my surprise,” he said, “she let me stay with her ’till I got on my feet, and, to my surprise, she let me stay with her….I didn’t have anywhere to go.”

Smith further explained that he felt like he “owed” Karen for her generosity. Before long, the two “wound up” together, and Sas–whose full name is Lyndon Alique Smith–was born. (Sas’ birthday, according to his father, is June 2nd, 1993.) Though Sas was Karen and Lyndon’s only child, Lyndon states that Karen had two children from earlier relationships: Will Robinson (Scrapp DeLeon), who was born in 1991, and an older child, whose name is not given in the interview, but who was “seventeen or eighteen” when Sas was born, meaning Karen King’s oldest son was born in 1975 or 76.

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As far as what happened between Karen and Lyndon to set things off? “A lot went wrong,” Lyndon claims. “When I met [Karen], I started selling drugs again….I started transporting drugs back and forth from Alabama to California,” which meant “big money: hundreds of thousands of dollars, I was making.” At this point, Karen’s “treacherous nature” began to show itself: she was my girl, so she was the last person I suspected” of the near-constant break-ins that began occurring at Lyndon’s house. In one of those break-ins, Lyndon was robbed of $187,000–but didn’t yet have any evidence to connect the loss with his girlfriend.

Karen covered her tracks, though, by lavishing gifts on Lyndon. He goes on to describe an incident that started to reveal “her true nature”: Karen, possibly suspicious that Lyndon was suspicious of her motives, took his credit information–which, as Lyndon points out, was already fake–and “worked it” so that she could surprise him with a brand-new Lexus. The new car, and the means that Karen used to obtain it, set off alarm bells for Lyndon.

Camper will share the second half of his extensive interview with Karen King’s ex on Monday, right before a brand-new episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. For now, here’s the first half of the interview:

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 continues Monday nights at 8 PM on VH1.

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(Photo credits: Karen King’s ex via Instagram, James Camper via YouTube)

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