LHHATL Tia Becca keeps baby daddy’s identity secret, reveals details of surprise pregnancy

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Who is Tia Becca’s baby daddy? That’s the question on the mind of every Love & Hip Hop Atlanta viewer, in light of the Season 5 star’s surprise pregnancy announcement in the finale. While Tia herself is keeping the man’s identity under wraps–for now–she did share a few tidbits about the pregnancy itself, along with her own condition, with VH1 after the finale had aired.

And the network, for its part, posits that J-Nicks is the most likely candidate, followed by Scrapp. It is worth pointing out, though, that Scrapp went to prison back in March, and has (presumably) had no conjugal visits since then. While LHHATL Season 5 did finish filming several months ago, and it is technically possible that Scrapp could have gotten Tia Becca pregnant before going away, the mother-to-be is also not yet showing a baby bump on social media.

In any case, Tiarra Tia Becca told VH1 that her due date is January 12th, meaning she is currently 13 weeks along. (Again–Scrapp went away on March 15, or 19 weeks ago, which all but eliminates him as the father.)

She doesn’t yet know whether her fifth child is a boy or a girl, but can confirm that the mystery baby daddy wants a girl. “He wants to name her Brya Denver Shaw,” she explained.

As for herself, Tia Becca said that things are starting to get a bit rough:

I still get sick every day. I barely eat. The doctor is worried because I only like ice water and crunching ice makes me feel better. I’ve lost 8 pounds and so the sickness is really zapping all my energy….I usually hide my belly or suck it in [for pictures.] I am still doing appearances so I don’t want people to see the little budge at the bottom.

This isn’t the first time this week that Tia Becca’s uterus has been a source of controversy. Scrapp’s mother Karen King raised eyebrows over the weekend when she called Tia Becca out in her latest “KK Live” video, demanding that she and her son King take DNA tests to determine whether or not Scrapp really is the child’s father.

(Photo credits: Who is Tia Becca’s baby daddy via Instagram)

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