LHHATL Karen King & sons’ assault victim blasts the show, promises secrets to come

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News of the 2012 Karen King assault has captivated Love & Hip Hop fans since Season 5 premiered. Now, the victim of that assault has spoken up, and he does not have kind words for Karen King, sons Sas and Scrapp, or the entire Love & Hip Hop franchise. As we reported several weeks ago, Karen and her two sons–along with three other people–were arrested in connection with the brutal March 2012 beating of Lyndon Baines Smith, Karen’s then-boyfriend.

Lyndon Baines Smith attack
Lyndon Baines Smith loaded into an ambulance after being discovered


After the beating, Smith was stuffed into the trunk of his own car and driven back to Alabama from Georgia, where he had traveled to visit Karen. On the way, a routine traffic stop resulted in Smith’s discovery, and the first in a string of arrests that culminated with Karen King’s capture in April of 2013–by which point she had altered her appearance because she’d been featured on America’s Most Wanted a few months earlier. (Click here to read our feature on the 2012 Karen King assault.)

Now that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is back on the air–and features Karen “KK” King and her two sons in prominent roles–Lyndon Baines Smith is speaking out about their inclusion on the show. Smith took to social media to slam the family in a series of posts that quickly went viral:


Karen King assault 2

Karen King assault 3

Smith also shared a photo of himself, Scrapp DeLeon (whose given name is Will), Sas, and his own son Alonte:

Karen King assault 1

Smith captioned the photo “‘Love & Hate Hop’ Will/Scrapp DeLeon, SAS, and my baby boy Alonte! signed, Dead man tell know lies!!! To be continued…”

Since then, Smith has drawn further attention to the Karen King assault by thanking longtime Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star K. Michelle for supporting his side of the story:





So far, neither Karen King nor her sons have responded publicly to Lyndon Baines Smith’s posts. However, this isn’t the first time that Karen has been accused of breaking the law. Late last week, it was alleged that new LHHATL cast member Tommie is actually a woman named Atasha Jefferson, and further alleged that Atasha used to work for Karen in a forgery and identity theft ring in Georgia, Florida, and Minnesota.

None of those claims have been proven–but there’s already been a crazy amount of drama surrounding the LHHATL cast, and we’re only one episode into the new season! New episodes air Monday nights at 8 on VH1.

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(Photo credits: Karen King assault via Facebook, Twitter)

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