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LINKS! ‘Us’ reviews rolling in, ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ gets a meh, ‘Stranger Things 3’ coming soon…

VOXThe Us reviews are coming in and they’re basically all glowing. Like this one: “Rife with symbols and encroaching apocalyptic dread, Us is a big, ambitious fable about how a society develops willful amnesia, then tears itself to pieces”

CELEBITCHYOn the other end of the spectrum, the first posters and teaser trailer for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood are also here, and they are hot garbage and a hot mess, respectively

LAINEY GOSSIPIn further trailer news, Stranger Things 3 comes out on July 4th and the first proper trailer has arrived. Does anyone else think it’s a bit weird that no one refers to the show as “the third season of Stranger Things“?

REALITY TEARHOA superstar NeNe Leakes says she is in no way separating from her husband Gregg, and even appears to have gained some perspective on their situation over the last few months

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPBig Brother 19 Couple Jessica Graf & Cody Nickson Welcome Their Baby Girl a Month Early: See the First Photos!”

DLISTEDJenny McCarthy had some interesting things to say about her brief time on The View for the author of a brand-new, tea-spilling BTS book about the show. The takeaway here: Come for the Barbara Walters gossip; stay for the tampon anecdote

JEZEBELI can’t tell if the drama on Terrace House is the sleepiest in all of reality TV or if the show is secretly exactly like every other reality show, but with a lower volume

THE BLEMISHGrowing is a return to form for Amy Schumer’s stand-up after the dreadful Leather Special

LINKS! Cardi B’s movie debut, UK ‘Mums Make P0rn’ controversy, Kristoff St. John’s last days…

Cardi B's movie debut 2

THE BLEMISHCardi B’s movie debut will come in J-Lo’s upcoming film Hustlers. Cardi, who used to strip in real life before making it on Instagram and Love & Hip Hop New York and then conquering the music business, will play a stripper. The movie is about strippers hustling Wall Street douchebags, so Cardi pretty much had to be included

JEZEBELThere’s a new British reality show called Mums Make Porn, which is about what happens when a group of five mothers band together to make p0rn starring themselves in order to deter their kids from watching p0rn at all

THE BLASTKristoff St. John was admitted to a mental health facility for “threatening to hurt himself and alcohol abuse” just days before his death

VOXHell is other toys

CELEBITCHYIn sleaze news, it’s now confirmed that David Sanchez — brother to Lauren Sanchez, who had just started dating Jeff Bezos at the time — stole Bezos’ dick pics from his sister’s phone and then sold them to the National Enquirer for six figures

DLISTEDWendy Williams got real about addiction and sobriety on The Wendy Williams Show today, revealing that she’s “been living in a sober house” for some time

REALITY TEACaptain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean shared more details from the story that getting in a motorcycle crash wound up saving her life, after doctors discovered stage 2 cancer in a tumor on her kidney

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“Surrogate Drops Lawsuit Against Bravo & Jeff Lewis Over Birth Shown on Flipping Out

LINKS! Bachelor finale shocker, William H. Macy gets away, More MJ fallout…

Bachelor finale shocker 1

VOXThe Bachelor finale shocker was without question one for the show’s record books. It was also, to put it as gently as possible, juuust a little bit problematic

CELEBITCHYWilliam H. Macy managed to avoid arrest in the college admissions cheating scandal that snared his wife Felicity Huffman for what amounts to a pretty sketchy reason. I’ve read this twice and it still seems like he should have been taken into custody as well

THE BLEMISHIn 1989, Michael Jackson was captured on film shopping for jewelry with accuser James Safechuck — who was twelve years old at the time — and no one questioned it until the footage resurfaced on YouTube this week

JEZEBELIn related news, it turns out that LaToya “Psychic Friends Network” Jackson was right about her family all along, but nobody wanted to take her seriously because who could take the Psychic Friends Network seriously, right?

THE BLASTApparently Luke Perry’s death certificate lists a false burial site because his family wants to keep the real resting place a secret. History is already planning a Curse of Oak Island-style show about this

LAINEY GOSSIPEverything about J. Lo and Alex Rodriguez’s relationship has seemed manufactured from day one and these charmless engagement photos are only further proof

DLISTEDIn sex offender news not related to Michael Jackson, Nicki Minaj has started referring to her boyfriend, Kenneth Petty — who did time for attempted rape and is on New York state’s list of registered sex offenders — as her “husband” instead

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPI’m no connoisseur of daytime TV, so I could be way off on this. But I’m pretty sure that when Maury Povich gets involved in a feud, it’s not a sign that things are about to be settled

REALITY TEA“Estranged Wife Of Alexis Bellino’s New Boyfriend Pleads For Social Media Respect For Their Children”

LINKS! Felicity Huffman college cheating scandal, Aladdin trailer, Game of Thrones predictions…

Felicity Huffman college cheating scandal

CELEBITCHYThe FBI busted up a ring of wealthy people and college admissions officers and coaches who conspired to get the wealthy peoples’ kids into elite schools when their subpar grades weren’t enough. It’s more or less becoming known as the Felicity Huffman college cheating scandal because Huffman was arrested for faking her daughter’s SAT scores (her husband, William H. Macy, was not named in the FBI indictment)

JEZEBELBut former Full House actress Lori Laughlin was also arrested after allegedly paying out around $500,000 in bribes so her Instagram influencer daughter Olivia Jade could get into USC under the guise of being on the crew team. I’m still not sure how you can fake being an athlete — especially when you have over a million Instagram followers who watch you not being an athlete — but it seems to have worked

THE BLASTHuffman’s bond has been set at $250,000, or approximately seventeen times what she paid someone to retake the SAT for her daughter

VOXIn lighter news, the live-action Aladdin trailer is out, and honestly I’m way more interested in the racial and gender and business politics and behind-the-scenes-y stuff that went into making and marketing the trailer than I ever will be in watching the trailer. I still haven’t! It probably took me more time to write this than it would have to just watch. But Robin Williams is magic and this remake is unnecessary

LAINEY GOSSIP“Game of Thrones Winning Odds: House Greyjoy”

REALITY TEATo no one’s surprise, Brandi Glanville is just a teensy bit overjoyed that everyone on RHOBH is turning against Lisa Vanderpump this season

DLISTEDConor McGregor is a reality TV star without a show

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“‘Counting On’ Season 9 Episode 4 Recap: A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Bake-Off”

THE BLEMISHFinally, here’s a perfect headline: “A Billionaire Died Trying to Make his Dick Bigger”

R. Kelly's CBS interview

LINKS! R. Kelly’s CBS interview, Kylie’s not self-made, Ketamine goes mainstream…

JEZEBELR. Kelly’s CBS interview was a meltdown to make the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings look like Currier & Ives

CELEBITCHYKylie Jenner is Marie Antoinette-in-waiting for America’s nascent populist upheaval

VOXIf you’re like me and had no idea what Special K was beyond a breakfast cereal, Russian Doll makes a lot more sense now

THE BLASTThe same ex-nanny who accused former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel of sexual misconduct is now accusing Kathryn Dennis of drinking while pregnant

LAINEY GOSSIPTaylor Swift is using Jameela Jamil from The Good Place in her war of pettiness against the Kardashians. However, while Tahani is too vain to keep from falling for it, Jameela is very much not

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP‘The Challenge’ Fans Start Petition Asking MTV to Take Action After Cast Members Discuss Alleged Assault of Amanda Garcia During “War of the Worlds”

THE BLEMISHHalle Berry now has a full-length back tattoo of what looks like…the leaves of an ash tree?

REALITY TEARyan Serhant and Emilia Bechrakis from Million Dollar Listing New York just welcomed their first child into the world, congrats!

DLISTEDMad About You was a pretty big hit during its 90s heyday and 90s nostalgia is all the rage right now, so I’m honestly surprised that every major network passed on the show’s reboot

LINKS! R. Kelly’s guardian angel, Danielle Staub’s new man, Gaga breaks code…

R. Kelly's guardian angel 1

THE BLASTTurns out that the woman who bailed R. Kelly out of jail in Chicago runs a daycare there. So R. Kelly’s guardian angel paid $100,000 for the privilege of having her business get absolutely overrun with negative press and bad reviews from people who’ve learned about it from the negative press

THE BLEMISHImmediately after making bail, R. Kelly headed for the “Rock ‘n’ Roll McDonalds” in Chicago’s River North — the same place he apparently used to (and still does?) go to pick up teenage girls

REALITY TEARHONJ star Danielle Staub is out in public with her new man four days after her divorce from now-ex-husband Marty Caffrey went through

CELEBITCHYLady Gaga is catching some heat for her extremely let’s call it “believable” performance of “Shallow” alongside Bradley Cooper at the Academy Awards with Cooper’s wife sitting in the front row

LAINEY GOSSIPKate Mara likes to announce major life events like marriage and pregnancy in almost as low-key a way as possible (the low-keyest would be making no announcement and just appearing with a baby one day) and it’s a refreshing method

VOXKim Kardashian is accusing Missguided of “using her name and image without permission” and is suing the company for $10 million. Given the Kardashians’ sketchy history of using other fashion ideas without permission, this seems like a potentially risky legal move

DLISTEDAdd Janet Jackson’s name to the list of music icons and / or current A-listers getting paid crazy money to do a Vegas residency

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPKailah Casillas Says Lindsay Lohan Did Not Seem Sober & Exhibited Strange Behavior During the Filming of ‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’

JEZEBELIt turns out that playing the same music on a loop in retail spaces has a seriously negative affect on the people who work in those spaces. I know it’s probably hard to believe this — especially if you’ve ever worked retail — but it seems to be true

LINKS! Every 2019 Oscars look, Spike Lee on Green Book, Olivia Coleman’s speech…

Every 2019 Oscars look

JEZEBELHere’s every 2019 Oscars look, from Billy Porter going neo-Neo-from-the-Matrix to Linda Cardellini’s show-stopper to Charlize Theron’s “dark nun” and all the rest of them. Literally, it’s every single celeb who appeared during the ceremony and a few who didn’t

CELEBITCHYSpike Lee’s reaction when Green Book was announced as the Best Picture winner sums up everything you need to know about Green Book

DLISTEDIn happier news, Olivia Coleman was the upset winner for Best Actress for The Favourite, and her charmingly befuddled off-the-cuff speech will hopefully go down as this year’s Oscars highlight

LAINEY GOSSIPBack to less happy news: Despite being the favorite in the Best Actress category heading into the ceremony and dressing like a golden Oscars statue, Glenn Close was denied the actual award. It was Close’s fourth Best Actress nomination and seventh Academy Award nomination overall; she’s still not won either

VOXI didn’t notice the necklace Lady Gaga wore during her performance of “Shallow” alongside Bradley Cooper, but apparently it’s anchored by a 141-year-old, 128.54-carat yellow diamond worth $30 million and made iconic by Audrey Hepburn during a photo shoot for Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This is what’s referred to as a “Hollywood rabbit’s foot”

THE BLASTRami Malek fell off the stage after concluding his speech following his Best Actor win for Bohemian Rhapsody

THE BLEMISHFinally, in 2020 Oscars news, the 2019 ceremony was the launch of the official trailer for The Irishman. It’s a mafia movie featuring a dream orgy of fading mafia movie superheroes: The Irishman stars Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, and Harvey Keitel, and it was directed by Martin Scorsese. I feel like this will be the movie equivalent of the 2004 Lakers, but I’m happy to be wrong!

REALITY TEAIn non-Oscars news, Real Housewives of Orange County star Gina Kirschenheiter has been officially charged with a DUI for her February 15th arrest

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPThe Bachelorette would have been a step down for Khloe anyway

LINKS! How to win an Academy Award, Miley gets it wrong, Little Women LA Season 8…

How to win an Academy Award 2

VOXIt turns out that the “How To Win An Oscar” handbook is lengthy, and detailed, and really only boils down to one thing: You’ve got to spend a ton of money to look like you don’t care whether you win or not

DLISTEDYou may have forgotten this (I had), but Miley Cyrus is every drunk sophomore gender studies minor you’ve ever gotten trapped in a corner conversation with at a college party

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPLittle Women: LA is coming back for its eighth season later this year. The show’s been filming for six months, so there’s plenty of good tea to be had about the whole returning cast

REALITY TEAIn case it wasn’t obvious, Lisa Vanderpump will gladly tell you why she left the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 premiere party before the rest of the cast got there

THE BLASTWell, now we know it’s serious: Khloe Kardashian has unfollowed Jordyn Woods on Instagram (she’s still following Tristan, so make what you will of that)

CELEBITCHYMeghan Markle now has Beyonce and the entire Beyhive on her side, so her royal media drama should get more interesting if not downright messy on social media at least

LAINEY GOSSIPGhostbusters, the franchise we neither needed nor particularly wanted in the first place, should now be sucked into a trap and placed in the protection grid until further notice

JEZEBELEvidently, when sick, Tamera Mowry drank some of her sister Tia’s breast milk because she’d read that breast milk has “healing properties.” Which of course prompts the question: Would you do the same of (or for) your own sister?

THE BLEMISHAlec Baldwin…might be flattering himself a little bit here