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Justin Bieber's N-bomb 2

LINKS! Justin Bieber’s N-bomb, Trump bombs vs. Putin, Comic-Con’s 2018 fail…

THE BLASTJustin Bieber would appreciate it if the court hearing his four-year-old egging lawsuit would not admit as evidence the fact that Bieber allegedly dropped the N-word in front of a crowd of people at the time

CELEBITCHYEven White House Chief of Staff John Kelly knew that Trump’s performance alongside Vladimir Putin was an unqualified disaster

LAINEY GOSSIP“At this point Comic-Con is a thing because we say it’s a thing, not because it’s actually driving a cultural moment,” and here’s an analysis of the weak 2018 calendar to prove it

THE BLEMISHIt looks like The Rock’s feud with Tyrese Gibson is unofficially over; the only thing that remains is for Tyrese to kiss Dwayne’s ass in public before filming begins on Furious 9

JEZEBELHere’s a cautionary con: Back in the late 90s, 32-year-old Riley Weston told everyone she was actually 19 and managed to get herself a job as a staff writer for Felicity, along with an acting gig on the show and a $500,000 development deal with Disney. When Weston’s true age was revealed, she was dumped like a cabinetful of expired anti-aging products despite the talent that got her hired in the first place

DLISTEDElle Macpherson’s new boyfriend is Andrew Wakefield, a 61-year-old British man and former doctor best-known for losing his medical license in 2010 & promoting anti-vaccine beliefs

REALITY TEAThe Ladies of London cast reacted with horror and grief upon learning of the death of fellow cast member Annabelle Neilson last week

VOXHere’s a fun new political theory that says a candidate’s position on “the issues” possibly doesn’t matter at all and maybe never really did, and so they should maybe just do and say whatever the hell they want. Which makes a terrible kind of sense: Since everything else is already in the Upside-Down, why should politics be exempt?

PAJIBABehold, the very definition of “douchebaggery”

LINKS! Kylie and Travis are just dumb kids, Timothee Chalamet’s big break, Nikki Bella masturbating…

Kylie and Travis are just dumb kids 1

CELEBITCHY“Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are just two dumb kids” is, ultimately, the correct take on these two super-rich and increasingly powerful young parents

DLISTEDTimothee Chalamet, who’s already apparently going to play Laurie in Greta Gerwig’s remake of Little Women, is apparently also in talks to star as Paul Atreides in an upcoming Dune remake. Neither movie is supposed to be out for at least a year, so you have plenty of time to reread the books

THE BLEMISHYour headline of the day: “Nikki Bella Can’t Masturbate Without Picturing John Cena on Top of Amy Schumer”

LAINEY GOSSIP“Who was grinding with Michael B. Jordan in a St. Tropez club last week” is the “Who did Tiffany Haddish see touching Jay-Z in front of Beyonce” of the summer and some of these theories are indeed hilarious

THE BLASTAnd speaking of Tiffany Haddish, her ex-husband disagrees with the abuse claims against him, claiming that it was Tiffany who attacked him and that she “regularly requested” he “become more aggressive” during sex

JEZEBELDid you know that Jessica Biel had a combination chocolate shop/day care center in Hollywood called Au Fudge? Me either! I have so many questions, among them Why did you think combining these two things was a good business model and How many chocolates did you lose at the hands of loose children over the last two years? Alas, we may never know, since this curiosity is closing thanks to terrible reviews

REALITY TEAAs someone who’s been covering The Real Housewives of Potomac since the first season, I have to say I’m so glad the show finally found the petty footing it lacked in those dreary early episodes

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPThat Teen Mom-on-mom kiss sure is still reverberating

PAJIBAIt: Chapter Two has begun filming and Bill Skarsgard is having a creepily easy time getting back into the character of Pennywise

LINKS! Meghan and Harry furious, Ariana and Pete getting hitched?, Papa John wants a do-over…

Meghan and Harry furious

DLISTEDDutchess Meghan and Prince Harry are reportedly “at their wits end” over Meghan’s father Thomas, who won’t stop giving embarrassing paid interviews to prolong his own minor celebrity

CELEBITCHYAfter Ariana Grande got her sixth tattoo for Pete Davidson and he gave her his most prized possession in the whole world (his father’s fire department badge, lest you think that’s only hyperbole), the latest gossip is that these two sudden lovebirds are planning a marriage within the month

VOXTwo days after resigning as CEO of Papa John’s after he dropped the n-word in a conference call about racial sensitivity, Papa John is claiming it was a mistake to step down and he would like a do-over, please

REALITY TEAAndy Cohen got Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador to shade Vicki Gunvalson’s new face after the RHOC Season 13 premiere with only the gentlest of leading questions

JEZEBELWhat even is this

THE BLEMISHHere’s Michelle Obama dancing at Beyonce and Jay-Z’s show in Paris. She looks pretty good doing it! But she’s also embarrassing the hell out of Sasha

LAINEY GOSSIPJohnny Depp has settled his lawsuit with his former financial managers, whom Depp claims “f*cked around with his finances” something fierce. With that unpleasantness behind him, Depp only has his domestic violence claims and disappearing career to worry about

VERY SMART BROTHASIf you need something fun and throwback-y to brighten your day, enjoy this minute-by-minute breakdown of Destiny’s Child’s appearance on MTV Cribs eighteen years ago

PAJIBAAnd if you need something else to lighten the mood, here’s Kate McKinnon recalling the adorable meltdown she had when she met (her idol) Gillian Anderson

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPAccording to former Laguna Beach cast member Stephen Colletti, MTV has “been talking about” reviving the show, though Stephen himself claims he won’t be coming back either way

THE BLEMISHRichard Harrison from Pawn Stars appears to have cut his son Christopher out of his estate shortly before Harrison died this year. Probably the last anyone will hear from this particular story

LINKS! Stormy Daniels arrested, Jada Pinkett Smith’s sex addiction, Porsha Williams engaged?…

Stormy Daniels arrested 1

CELEBITCHYStormy Daniels was arrested during her performance at a strip club in Columbus OH last night. Her lawyer Michael Avenatti claims the arrest was the result of Daniels “allowing a customer to touch her while on stage in a non sexual manner”

THE BLEMISHJada Pinkett Smith says she’s a sex addict who knew she had a masturbation problem when she found herself having five orgasms a day. Not to downplay sex addiction, but five sounds a little low for the problem threshold

REALITY TEARHOA star Porsha Williams may or may not have been buying engagement rings with her new boyfriend yesterday and may or may not have arranged to get caught doing so by paparazzi

JEZEBELSo the guy who played an unbelievably sadistic prison guard on OITNB is now the host of a game show where three contestants compete to have their crushing student loan debt paid off. I can only assume that the two losing contestants are then mauled to death by grizzly bears for the pleasure of their loan holders

VOXJohn Schnatter — better known as Papa John himself — has resigned as CEO of his now-former company after a recording went public in which Schnatter casually drops the n-word during a conference call. Bonus: the call was “set up to teach Schnatter how to not say offensive things”

PAJIBAApparently White House Chief of Staff John Kelly was not rolling his eyes at Donald Trump during a NATO breakfast yesterday; rather, he was “displeased” by the food selection. If I had a nickel for every time I contorted my face to express obvious displeasure at the noshing options during a high-level diplomatic meeting, I could afford to be a member of Trump’s cabinet

THE BLASTHere’s Lady Gaga strolling around the streets of New York City wearing head-to-toe leather, looking like Times Square circa 1978 and no doubt smelling like 1878

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPAslhee Simpson and Evan Ross are ready to unleash Ashlee+Evan their aptly titled E! documentary, upon the world; here’s the trailer

DLISTEDFirst The Rock thrilled everyone by suggesting he would run for president in 2020. Then he walked himself back by saying he was thinking about 2024 instead. Now he’s gone full Sherman and claimed he won’t be running at all

LAINEY GOSSIPAlthough it seems totally unnecessary to say the least that there are currently two different Joker origin story movies in production, it’s worth remembering that “this is actually not the worst idea.” The worst idea is the one of these movies starring Jared Leto. If you *have* to see one of them, see the Joaquin Phoenix one (but really see neither)

Dutchess Meghan shows affection 2

LINKS! Dutchess Meghan shows affection, Kylie’s bigger boobs, Thai cave rescue complete…

DLISTEDApparently Dutchess Meghan violated thousands of millennia of royal protocol by holding Prince Harry’s elbow at a public event yesterday. She also crossed her legs at the knees before realizing her heinous mistake and re-crossing them at the ankles. Blackmail forthcoming

CELEBITCHYKylie Jenner got real about her post-pregnancy body, saying that it actually only looks like she “bounced back super fast” because Instagram isn’t real life. She also, in a humblebrag for the ages, managed to reveal that her boobs are three times bigger than they used to be

VOXAll twelve of the Thai boys and their soccer coach made it out of the cave alive! Here’s how they did it

JEZEBELAn Ode on ‘Hurtling Towards Middle Age’

THE BLEMISHBilly Dee Williams is going to reprise his role as Lando Calrissian in the upcoming ninth Star Wars movie. Which is great and all, except he is definitely going to get killed late in the film and we are definitely not going to see his and Han Solo’s force ghosts gallivanting about space and causing mischief in the spin-off we all want but none of us deserve

PAJIBADid you know it was Cow Appreciation Day yesterday? Me either! Here are some cows

REALITY TEARHOC star Gina Kirchenheiter has officially filed for divorce from her husband Mathew, whose “crazy travel schedule basically left her a single mom”

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPFormer 16 and Pregnant star Kayla Jordan gave birth to her third child two months after getting married, congrats!

THE BLASTThis can’t possibly be Gene Simmons’ *first* sexual harassment lawsuit, right? Of the decade or the year (or possibly the month)

LAINEY GOSSIPThis viral meme is extra exhausting

LINKS! Michael Cohen ready to flip, Ariana and Pete get graphic, Harvey Weinstein looking grim…

Michael Cohen ready to flip

CELEBITCHYFormer Trump lawyer Michael Cohen is about to become another in the parade of Trump turncoats willing to dish on the president in exchange for lenient sentencing for all the totally illegal stuff they’ve been doing their entire lives and that Trump managed to drag out into the daylight by winning the election

DLISTEDAriana Grande and Pete Davidson are firmly ensconced in the sex-crazy-and-tripping-over-each-other-to-publicly-praise-each-other’s-sex-organs phase of their relationship

THE BLASTA special round of applause for the staffer who found what may be the worst possible photo to accompany this story about how the three new sex crimes charges against Harvey Weinstein have him facing life in prison

THE BLEMISHI know the news about Drake actually having a son is a few days old now, but I missed this headline when the story broke and it’s really funny and deserves a wider audience, so enjoy

VERY SMART BROTHASSpeaking of Drake, here’s why Scorpion is really just a frozen waffle that didn’t thaw out completely in the toaster but that you eat anyway

JEZEBELYup, this headline checks out

VOX“A black 12-year-old was mowing a lawn. So someone called the police.”

REALITY TEAKristen Doute is pretty sure that James Kennedy has been cheating on Raquel Leviss, only she swears it’s not with her. And as Gob Bluth can tell you, unsubtle misdirection is still misdirection

LAINEY GOSSIPKendrick Lamar is on the cover of Vanity Fair this month, for a feature that essentially kicks off the “post-Puliter phase of [his] career” and is full of fresh insights on his process

PAJIBAHere’s Michelle Wolf with a fresh round of thoughts on the Trump administration, including some things you might say to its members should you encounter them at a nearby country club

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPDeena Cortese of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is expecting her first child with husband Chris Buckner, congrats!

LINKS! Drake has a son, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx break up, 1.39 billion pounds of extra cheese…

Drake has a son

CELEBITCHYDrake confirms on his new album Scorpion that he has a son after all. This is something we’ve all known since Pusha spilled his tea during their feud last month (and that we’ve all suspected thanks to tabloid reporting for months before that). But now Drake gets to market his hidden son on his own terms, so, good for him?

THE BLEMISHKatie Holmes and Jamie Foxx, who were never officially dating in the first place, are now officially broken up. Apparently Jamie wanted to keep their love a secret even after Katie’s contract with Tom Cruise — yep! — expired and they could finally go public

VOXAmerica has a 1.39 billion-pound cheese surplus. How much cheese is that? This much: “There’s enough excess cheese to arm each American citizen with a hefty 4.6 pounds of the crumbly, melty, salty good stuff.” Where do we form the line

JEZEBELIf you’ve ever struggled with depression or anxiety and worried that needing to focus on that struggle made you a selfish person, read this essay

DLISTEDI’m not saying I knew that the song “Electric Slide” was about a vibrator, because I totally didn’t. I’m just saying that when you hear the words “‘Electric Slide’ is about a vibrator,” you respond “Ohhh, of course it is, how did no one see this before now”

LAINEY GOSSIPHere’s a photo gallery of Gwen Stefani looking radiant and Blake Shelton looking rumpled at the premiere of her Las Vegas residency to help you get ready for the next round of hot gossip about their alleged pending marriage and / or pregnancy

REALITY TEADorinda Medley went on Watch What Happens Live to talk about the cast’s ongoing feud with Bethenny Frankel, Ramona’s wine glass pic after Luann de Lesseps got out of rehab — and more!

VERY SMART BROTHAS“10 Things Easier to Comprehend Than Household Income of $117,000 Being Considered Low-Income in the Bay Area”

PAJIBAYou will find this montage of a dog being surprised by its owner’s farts either hilarious or maddeningly dumb, so consider it a personality test and give it a look

THE BLASTPaul Teutul Sr.’s bankruptcy woes continue — the American Chopper star had to sell off his classic car collection to keep his business afloat

LINKS! Big Dick Energy, Scarlett Johansson and Tom Cruise rumors, Mel B hired a hitman?…

Big Dick Energy

THE BLEMISH“Big Dick Energy” was coined in the wake of Anthony Bourdain’s death a few weeks ago, but it took off as the social media meme of the summer this week when Ariana Grande kinda-sorta disclosed that her fiancé Pete Davidson is maybe really well-endowed

CELEBITCHYSpeaking of the exact opposite of that, Scarlett Johansson is fighting a new rumor that she “auditioned to be in a relationship” with Tom Cruise sometime around 2004. The latest iteration: Scarlett could totally have auditioned for such a “role” without ever knowing she was doing it, by literally auditioning for a movie with Tom and his Scientology handlers in the room

THE BLASTIn other disturbing relationship news, Mel B of Spice Girls fame is fighting back against claims she told a friend of she and Stephen Belafonte’s that Mel “would be better off” if Stephen were dead, wink-wink nudge-nudge

DLISTEDIt’s probably just a coincidence that while Mel served as a guest co-host on Today that she continued to insist the Spice Girls are going to reunite for a grand world tour despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary

JEZEBELIf you’re having trouble navigating the world these days, perhaps you’ll take some comfort in this three-minute video demonstrating “how to rescue a waterlogged book.” It can be done!

PAJIBAAnd if that clip doesn’t do it for you, here’s a photo gallery of adorable puppies and kitties (is there any other kind?), curated specifically to help you navigate the rough waters of everyday life

LAINEY GOSSIPIn other Big Dick Energy news, here’s a convincing explanation of why Chris Pine has got the stuff in abundance, along with a photo gallery of he and Gal Godot on the set of Wonder Woman 1984

REALITY TEAConrad Empson from Below Deck Mediterranean says he likes cast- and crew-mate Hannah Ferrier because he “saw a different side to her than we see on the show”