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Worst Met Gala looks 2

LAINEY GOSSIPGwyneth Paltrow didn’t have one of the worst Met Gala looks of all time — but, given that it looks like she didn’t get the memo about this year’s theme, she definitely topped the Worst list for 2019

GO FUG YOURSELFAlmost everyone who wore Louis Vuitton to the Met Gala could vie for a second-place tie right behind Gwyneth: “Every year, I feel like Louis Vuitton just packs its people off to the Met in a bunch of its regular stuff.”

VOXIt turns out that Sandra Bland filmed the traffic stop that led to her arrest and subsequent death in a Texas jail in July of 2015. The video wasn’t made public until this week, and has set off a whole new round of protests over Bland’s treatment and concerns about police force

JEZEBELCommon has just published a memoir entitled Let Love Have The Last Word; in it, he describes suffering a sexual assault during a family trip when he was nine or ten years old

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPTeen Mom 2 Fans Refused to Watch Monday’s Episode Following David Eason Dog-Killing Incident: Here’s How Their Boycott Affected the Show’s Ratings”

REALITY TEADon’t expect Karen Huger’s gracious acceptance of Gizelle Bryant’s cookies and immediate door-in-her-face closure on the RHOP Season 4 premiere to lead to a newfound friendship between the two of them

CELEBITCHY“Yacht racing for charity” is really not a good look for any celebrity, British royalty or otherwise

THE BLEMISHSomehow Disney expected people to be excited by a release calendar stretching ten years into the future (that’s movies and TV) and revealing they’re basically planning to do what they’re already doing now

THE BLASTJudging by all the attention they’re drawing to their renovation of the Brady Bunch house, you’d think HGTV was this fly-by-night network banking everything on one huge iconic job to turn its reputation golden

DLISTEDTamar Braxton straight-up acknowledged she didn’t attend her niece Lauren’s funeral because she didn’t have time

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