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Real Walking Dead: Flight 462? Man ‘running amok’ on flight bit another passenger, didn’t have a pulse

What actually happened on a Sunday flight to Ireland sounds eerily like a plotline in the Walking Dead web series Flight 462. A 24-year-old man in distress bit another passenger before he was treated by another passenger...and was found without a pulse. One observer said the noise the distressed person was making "was like something that I’d never heard before."

REPORT Woman intentionally blinds herself with drain cleaner in order to be disabled

Jewel Shuping has a condition known as Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID). People with this condition believe they are supposed to be disabled, despite being healthy, able-bodied adults. In Jewel's case, her desire was to be blind. Jewel says she met with a psychologist, who agreed to blind her by pouring drain cleaner into her eyes. Read for all the interesting details of this story!