Family: Texas woman who died while getting black-market butt implants was ‘hooked on booty shots’

Wykesha Reid

The family of Wykesha Reid said the Texas nurse’s desire to have a “big booty” drove her to overlook serious red flags at the Dallas salon where she ultimately died.

“Everybody else got big booties,” stepmom Patricia Kelley told the Dallas Morning News. “So she wanted a big booty… She got hooked on them booty shots.”

Patricia said 34-year-old Wykesha turned to Denise Ross and Alicia Clarke at the Deep Ellum salon to get $300-$500 hydrogel injections. Other clients said Denise and Alicia seemed to take some precautions, but ended the procedures by closing the injection sites with super glue.

Denise Ross and Alicia Clarke
Denise Ross and Alicia Clarke’s mug shots from previous offenses. They are both wanted by the police.

Although the details are still unclear, something went very wrong during Wykesha’s fourth visit to the salon on February 18. By the time cops discovered her body on the operating table the next morning, the business had been “cleared out” and Wykesha’s cellphone and purse were missing.

Denise and Alicia are still wanted by police for practicing medicine without a license — and the charges could worsen if the pending toxicology report shows Wykesha’s death was caused by the procedure. However, as far as Wykesha’s 20-year-old daughter is concerned, Denise and Alicia are guilty.

“I want to see them on trial for murder,” Keaira Reid said. “I’m very mad because anybody could have called 911.”

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