Intruders break into chicken coop, slaughter 900 birds with golf clubs

Study shows how chickens keep their cool


Californian burglars made headlines and raised eyebrows when they broke into a chicken coop and slaughtered over 900 defenseless birds with golf clubs.

The Fresno-based incident has baffled authorities and left Foster Farms, the owners of the coop in question, with some seriously ruffled feathers.

Deputies in Carruthers, just south of Fresno in the central part of the state, said the intruder or intruders pulled back a loose section of fence to gain access to the coop.

A piece of a golf club was found at the scene. In addition to that, police suspect another “similar type instrument” was likely used.

What the chicken-killers didn’t leave behind was a motive. Were they disgruntled former employees? Agitated animal-rights activists? Terrible golfers? Hungry?

LAPD Deputy Chris Curtice helped keep the story in perspective with this quote:


Whoever did something like this is pretty sick. It would take a long time to do it….People should be alarmed at something like that.


The Carruthers Police Department are asking for anyone with information to come forward and help. Foster Farms is also offering a $5,000 reward “for information leading to arrest and prosecution.”

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