Quadruple amputee Sean Petrozzino ‘on the run’ following parents’ murders

Sean Petrozzino and Parents

Quadruple amputee Sean Petrozzino is wanted by police in connection to his parents’ murders. Michael Petrozzino and Nancy Petrozzino were found fatally shot in their central Florida home on Tuesday, shortly after Sean moved back in with them. The 30-year-old was later seen on surveillance video at an ATM.

“We do believe he has a firearm. He’s considered dangerous and they believe he is in the south Florida area,” Jane Watrel, a representatives for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, told WFTV9. Authorities believe he is driving his dad’s red Toyota Camry. They note he has prothetic legs, but does not wear anything on his arms.

Sean Petrozzino On The Run

Sources said Sean moved back in with his parents last week after separating from his wife. Michael was a costumed character at Disney World. Nancy was a second grade teacher. Police discovered the bodies after Nancy didn’t show up at work.

“We’re at a loss. She was very well-liked,” Orange County Public Schools spokeswoman Kathy Marsh said.

Former neighbor Michael Vitale also said Sean, who is officially a “person of interest,” was also liked. He explained, “There was nothing to have me doubt his integrity or honesty or anything that he might be a threat to anybody’s family here.”

The Petrozzino previously attracted local attention in 2000 when Sean lost his hands and lower legs to bacterial meningitis. He was described in the news as “perky, silly and polite.” His high school in South Florida high school raised money to help pay medical bills for 13 surgeries. The whole family relocated to Orlando for Sean’s physical rehabilitation. Sean later bought a home in 2006, but it went into foreclosure in 2012 and is now abandoned.

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