VIDEO Woman with size 48NN breasts is looking for love on TLC’s Strange Love

Kristy Love

Kristy Love is like any ordinary woman looking for love: she’s funny, enjoys cooking, and, oh yea, has size 48NN breasts. Who knew bra sizes even went up that high!

Kristy is part of the TLC show called Strange Love. After struggling her whole life with insecurity over her chest size, Kristy is finally feeling confident and is ready for true love.

While most women strive for a larger cup size, Ms. Love describes the daily challenges she faces with her “twins.” A simple task such as cooking dinner can turn into a dangerous activity. “When I’m cooking they get in my way,” she admits. “Sometimes they get in the pot. Sometimes they get in the pan. Sometimes they get caught in the burner.”

It’s not always bad having 48NN tatas though. Kristy said, “I use my boobs as my purse. In between my cleavage I carry my perfume, my cell phone, my car keys, my driver’s license. Just everything.”

For those of you wondering, Kristy’s assets are real. She started developing breasts at just 8 years old. In order to deal with her gargantuan chest, she wore two bras and two shirts. Currently, her breasts weigh over 15 pounds each.

We hope Kristy is able to find the love she’s longing for. Good luck!

Strange Love airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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