PHOTOS British company designs complete bathroom suite out of designer Belgian chocolate

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In one of the all-time strangest cases of fortuitous misspelling, has teamed up with British chocolatiers Choccywoccydoodah (yes, that is the correct spelling) to create bathroom suites made entirely from tasty Belgian chocolate.

If you’re confused, you’re not alone. Here’s how explains the line of logic that led to this confectionery concoction:

…Of the millions of Google searches for sweet-related terms each month, a number of these come to our web site. Why? Because people are regularly searching for “bathroom sweets….” Clearly people wanted “bathroom suites,” and they just got it a bit wrong. But that got us thinking: just how do bad spelling, a love of confectionery, and bathrooms come together like that? [We] hold the answer.

So, what does a chocolate toilet look like? Like this:




The Maderno Sweet Chocolate Toilet “is not for the practical person.” Rather, this life-sized, sittable chocolate lavatory “is just for the discerning, design-obsessed individual.”

And, at a cost of $23,202 US dollars–plus 980,000 calories–an individual would have to be very obsessed indeed.

How about a chocolate bathtub? If that’s more your fancy, feast your eyes on this beast:




Unfortunately, the faucet does not dispense melted chocolate, or chocolate milk, or regular milk by default. That’s probably for the best, though; the tub costs $82,865, which is quite an investment to see melt away when it comes in contact with liquid.

(Calorie count on the tub: 8,000,000. That’s eight million.)

Of course, the sweet suite is not at all practical, nor is it meant for actual use. This is something the company’s owners readily admit, elsewhere on their site:

…Please don’t attempt to use the suite. It will melt if it comes in contact with direct sunlight, radiator heat, or hot liquids–so it’s not ideal for running that relaxing bath!

The bathroom set has a six-month shelf life, but the company claims it will keep at room temperature almost indefinitely if you don’t eat it.

So, if you indulge your many sweet teeth, don’t pull a Prince Pondicherry and try to use the bathroom for anything other than eating and showing off to your friends. Presumably at the same time.

And–it goes without saying–don’t confuse the chocolate bathroom with your real bathroom when you get up in the middle of the night.

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