UPS worker admits to stealing diamond worth $160K, trading it for one gram of weed

Walter Earl Morrison - Mug Shot

Talk about a buzzkill. Walter Earl Morrison “admitted he made a mistake” when trading a stolen diamond worth roughly $160,000 for $20 worth of marijuana.

According to Phoenix’s ABC 15, the 20-year-old was unloading a cargo plane for his UPS job when he slipped a Brinks package containing the diamond under his shirt. He apparently thought the parcel was going to contain money, but was thrown for a loop when he discovered it was just a measly diamond.

After his arrest a couple of days later, Walter admitted he traded the gemstone for one gram of marijuana. He was summarily fired from the UPS job and charged with felony theft. The diamond was recovered from the temporarily lucky drug dealer and was delivered to the intended recipient.

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