Woman dressed as Ninja Turtle robs Super 8 motel in Utah


Stately Midvale. Sewer system and pizza parlors not pictured.


Police in a Salt Lake City suburb are baffled (and presumably amused) by the occurrence of a woman, dressed as a Ninja Turtle, who robbed a Super 8 motel before fleeing into the night.

According to Lieutenant John Barker of the Unified Police Department, the woman, who is in her mid- to -late 20s, walked into the motel, pulled out a pocket knife, and demanded that the clerk on duty empty his till.

Barker did not say how he and his deputies could determine the woman’s age, as she was wearing a black face mask and had on green face paint, in addition to being dressed from head to toe in green clothing.

Witnesses saw a car leave the parking lot shortly after the robbery, but Barker said the combined resources of the city and the UPD had not yet figured out whether the woman was in the car, or whether she left by foot.

When asked how many manhole covers were in the immediate vicinity of the motel, Barker declined comment.

Of course, Leonardo was the sword-wielding Ninja Turtle, and a pocket knife is perhaps closest in design to a katana. There were no blue bandanas or scraps of blue cloth left at the scene, so authorities are also turning their attention to Raphael, whose sai has been known to look like a knife in grainy surveillance cam footage.

No one was hurt in the robbery. And no one heard a trademark “Cowabunga!” shout as the suspect fled the scene, so experts have ruled Michaelangelo out, as well.

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