PHOTOS Meet Stephanie Boudoin, the new World’s Sexiest Criminal

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Stephanie Boudoin is a lot like most other 21-year-old Canadians (and Americans, for that matter). She loves the beach, and posing in her bathing suit; she loves firearms, breaking into homes, and training teenaged accomplices.

Boudoin has won the hearts and puzzled the minds of folks the world over. She is a dashing, barely-adult figure against whom the Canadian government has brought 114 charges.

Among those? Last month alone–it is alleged–she broke into 42 homes.

That’s 42, as in the number that comes after 41. And that’s individual homes. She did not stand outside the same house and then 42 times in a row open the front door without being invited inside.

The homes are located in Victoriaville, an otherwise-picturesque town in southern Quebec. Apparently the weapons laws aren’t very liberal there, though; a further nine of the charges against Boudoin are for possession of illegal firearms.


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The three criminal masterminds-in-training she had with her on the break-ins are aged 17, 15, and 13. So, while it hasn’t been made clear whether there are also charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor pending against Boudoin…you kind of have to figure that those are also included somewhere in the list of 114.

There’s already a Facebook group devoted to the dashing, baffling exploits of this criminal mastermind. Though from the looks of it its members are not an especially rowdy bunch.


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Boudoin, in her spare time, is a nursing student. Which means she’s either a very bad one, or so great at her job that she’s bored.

Regardless, there’s likely a modeling contract in her future. Assuming she can shake some of these pesky criminal charges.

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