VIDEOS Demi Lovato pulls out her hair extensions during Kansas City concert

Demi Lovato pulls out her hair extensions during concert in Kansas City

Demi Lovato’s concert in Kansas City Tuesday night got off to a bit of a rough start as the singer’s studded jacket got tangled up in her hair during her opening performance of “All Night Long,” ripping out a huge chunk of her red locks! Demi was the consummate professional and continued her performance without skipping a beat – literally.

Here’s a great view captured by a fan in the second row – you can see Demi snatching her own wig right around the 45 second mark:

Ah, but the internet being the seemingly infinite source of everything that it is, there are of course multiple videos of Demi’s unorthodox hair removal system. In this one you can see it just four seconds in:

And in this slightly lower quality clip, you can make out Demi’s misfortune right around the one-minute, 40-second mark:

AND, just in case those clips weren’t enough, here’s an animated gif so you can relive that fateful moment over and over and over again forever!

Demi Lovato animated gif pulling her hair out in concert in Kansas City