PHOTOS Demi Lovato cuts her hair!

Demi Lovato hair cut short

Demi Lovato has given herself a mini-makeover. The former Disney star has been busy traveling lately — she was in London for fashion week and the Brit Awards — but now that she’s home she apparently has some free time. Yesterday, after a relaxing day of shopping, she chopped off her hair and debuted her new look to fans on Twitter!

“New hair!!!!” Demi announced last night to her 12 million+ Twitter followers (with the photo below). Prior to that, she debuted the photo above, which also featured her hair much shorter than we are used to seeing it. Sure, she didn’t exactly give herself a Miley, but the cut definitely makes her look a lot different.

Demi Lovato attends the X Factor USA finals Press Confrence at held at CBS Studios in Los Angeles, California, United States.Demi Lovato cuts hair off to shorter length
^ Left: Demi Lovato attends the X Factor USA finals Press Conference in December (Photo: Nikki Nelson/ Right: Demi’s new hair (Photo: Twitter)

One fan commented on the photo saying, “This is an old photo.” It’s definitely a new picture, but I think the commenter was on to something. Since cutting her hair, Demi seems to look years younger — not that she looked very old to begin with. Or is that just Demi’s lack of makeup playing tricks on us?

From blonde to brown to red to bangs, Demi always looks great, and this latest look is no different. I think somebody out there needs to do a Styx parody song about her ever-changing tresses with the chorus “Don’t know hair you got-o Demi Lovato.” 🙂

Here’s the full, uncropped photo of Demi’s new look:

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