Bill Hutchinson sexual assault allegation details from new civil suit

Marrying Millions Bill Hutchinson sexual assault civil suit

We have more details about the alleged sexual assault of two juvenile girls by Marrying Millions star Bill Hutchinson thanks to a new civil suit filed in Texas. Bill has been criminally charged with one felony count of rape and five misdemeanor counts of sexual battery in California, and one felony count of sexual assault in Texas after accusations made by two underage girls who were living and traveling with Bill at the time.

The family of the girl involved in both the Texas and California cases has filed a civil suit in a Dallas County district court on Monday that reveals more about the allegations against Bill, as well as two of Bill’s companies. The girl is referred to as “Jane Doe 2” in the lawsuit to keep her anonymity. The number 2 is used to differentiate her from another woman who accused Bill of sexual assault in a civil suit filed in July accusing Bill. (That woman was not a minor and did not live with Bill at the time of the alleged assault.)

We will break down the lawsuit filing for you by topic. Below each of the topic headings below are excerpts taken directly from the filing.

Why were teen girls living with Bill?

In June 2019, Plaintiff’s family moved to a residence in the Highland Park School District. Jane Doe 2 became close friends with two other minors, both around fifteen at the time, who lived with Bill Hutchinson at his house located at **** ******** Drive in Highland Park. One of these young girls is the daughter of an ex-wife of Hutchinson. The other has been living with Hutchinson since she was approximately fifteen. Hutchinson had himself appointed her legal guardian. Jane Doe 2’s friendship with the two girls meant she was at Hutchinson’s home or with Hutchinson on a regular and frequent basis, including for meals, sleepovers, and even vacations.

In March of 2021, Jane Doe 2’s family moved from Highland Park to Fort Worth, Texas. Hutchinson invited Jane Doe 2 to stay with him in his home so that she would not have to change schools so late in the year. To Jane Doe 2, who did not want to go to a new school halfway through the second semester or leave two of her best friends behind, this was a no-brainer. Her family had already moved several times over a short period and she was tired of saying goodbye to her friends. After Hutchinson assured Jane Doe 2’s parents Jane Doe 2 would be in a safe and positive environment with her close friends, she moved some of her belongings into a guest room at the Hutchinson home, planning to stay there until the school year concluded. Hutchinson offered to make himself Jane Doe 2’s legal guardian for the purported reason that she could continue living with him and going to the same school the following year. Plaintiff declined this unconventional offer.

First California trip and allegations

Sixteen-year-old Jane Doe 2 was invited by Defendant Hutchinson to accompany the group to his homes in Miami, Laguna Beach and a resort in Arizona. These trips often involved Hutchinson hanging out on beaches and boats with the bikini clad minors while they drank alcoholic beverages supplied by him and smoked marijuana at times supplied by Hutchinson’s girlfriend/fiancee. Between April 1 and April 5, 2021, Jane Doe 2 visited the Laguna Beach home with Hutchinson, his minor son, and one of the girls with whom Jane Doe 2 had become close. Hutchinson’s girlfriend/fiancee did not go on this trip, nor did Jane Doe 2’s other friend. Hutchinson made and paid for all interstate travel arrangements of Jane Doe 2 and the other minors.

Hutchinson used this trip to overtly advance his sexual desires toward Jane Doe 2. While Defendant and the three minors were in the hot tub at his house, he began massaging Jane Doe 2’s feet. This already very creepy and inappropriate act soon escalated when Hutchinson grabbed Jane Doe 2’s feet and rubbed them up against his erect penis through his bathing suit. When Jane Doe 2 pulled her feet away, Hutchinson lifted her up by her hips and placed her onto his lap. Again, she was forced to move herself away. The next morning, she woke to find Hutchinson standing beside her bed, staring at her. He offered coffee, which she declined.

On a subsequent morning, Jane Doe 2 awoke to find Hutchinson rubbing his penis against her vagina while wearing only a robe. She pulled away from contact and said to Hutchinson that she thought he was supposed to act more like a dad while she was staying in his home. He acted contrite and Jane Doe 2 understood from his statements he would not cross that line again. She believed him.

Jane Doe 2 awoke on another morning to find Hutchinson vaginally raping her. She recoiled to remove him from inside of her. At this time, Jane Doe 2 — still sixteen — was confused and unsure how to act. Being a guest in an older, powerful man’s home, she appealed to Hutchinson’s relationship with his then girlfriend/fiancee rather than directly confront the assault. As previously noted, Hutchinson’s girlfriend/fiancee, a young woman, forty years his junior, was not present on the trip. Hutchinson deflected.

On one of these mornings, while Hutchinson attempted to cuddle with Jane Doe 2 in a sexual manner, he told her he could not wait until she turned seventeen (the age of consent in the State of Texas), demonstrating unequivocally that he knew that any sexual conduct with Jane Doe 2 was illegal. Either way, they were in the State of California at the time, where the age of consent is eighteen. To be clear, Jane Doe 2 never gave consent for any of Hutchinson’s assaults. Rather, she was put in the position of constantly having to fend him off-which, of course, was impossible while asleep.

One evening, Defendant Hutchinson texted Jane Doe 2 asking her to come to his room. She did not. The next morning, he made her delete the text message in his presence. She complied.

Second California trip and allegations

They returned to Texas for a few days and then went back to Laguna Beach on April 11, 2021, eight days before Jane Doe 2’s seventeenth birthday. At this time, Jane Doe 2 did not share what had happened to her with her family or friends as she felt confused, ashamed and indebted to Hutchinson for what she considered his immense generosity. He had provided her and her best friends with extravagant travel to desirable locations, taken them to fancy restaurants, all the while giving them the freedom to do as they pleased-including providing them with alcohol and allowing marijuana use. To a sociable, naive sixteen-year-old, this was a compelling arrangement — something that Hutchinson knew and exploited for his own deviant benefit.

The second trip to Laguna included six people, with the addition of Hutchinson’s girlfriend/fiancee and Jane Doe 2’s other friend from Highland Park. Jane Doe 2 soon discovered that Hutchinson was going to pick up where he’d left off not a week earlier. Jane Doe 2 and one of her friends walked outside to find him sunbathing in the nude-belly up with his girlfriend/fiancee next to him-knowing all the while that minors were present-as he’d flown them there. He invited Jane Doe 2 and her friend to join them however the girls declined and returned into the house.

Each morning the students had to get up early for on-line school. Jane Doe 2 woke to find Hutchinson in bed with her with his mouth on her breasts. He grabbed her rear end and touched her vagina with his hands.

Texas assault allegations

Once back in Texas, Hutchinson continued to assault now seventeen-year-old Jane Doe 2 without her consent. A naked Hutchinson repeatedly crawled into her bed while she was sleeping and pressed himself against her. Jane Doe 2 insisted he leave. Hutchinson responded that she was “the new Bri” — a reference to Hutchinson’s twenty-three year old girlfriend/fiancee.

On another one of these mornings, Hutchinson again forced his penis into Jane Doe 2’s vagina and she had to maneuver away to end the assault. Hutchinson attempted to bring Jane Doe 2 further under his control by telling her he would pay for her college and that she would not have to work. She responded that she wanted to support herself. Hutchinson answered that he could get her any job she wanted like he had already done at the Virgin Hotel in Dallas.

By now, Jane Doe 2 was extremely distressed by Hutchinson’s repeated assaults and relentless pressure to obtain an arrangement whereby Jane Doe 2 would allow him to have sex with her, even one time asking if she “wanted an orgasm before school.” Her back was hurting so her mother took her to a doctor who attributed her condition to stress. Once back at Hutchinson’s home after he learned of Jane Doe 2’s stress-induced pain, he entered her room to offer her a massage. He quickly moved from Jane Doe 2′ s back to her rear end. He instructed her to tum over, then rubbed her breasts and digitally penetrated her vagina.

Another night, Jane Doe 2 awoke to find her underwear pulled to her knees and Hutchinson again digitally penetrating her vagina. He stopped only when he discovered she was menstruating and there was menstrual blood on his hand. Hutchinson made other attempts at sexual contact.

Third California trip and allegations

In May 2021, Hutchinson planned another California trip for the group, with the exception of his girlfriend/fiancee. It was at this point that Jane Doe 2 found the courage to tell her family what had been happening to her. She made the excuse to Hutchinson that she had fallen ill and could not go. Hutchinson continued to offer to fly her out when she recovered and told her “I love you.” This sickening behavior, by a man forty-five years older than Jane Doe 2, is just another in a line of rich and powerful men who impress, groom, and then assault women. As an insight to his predilections, one day, when the subject of Jeffrey Epstein came up, Hutchinson said of the deceased pedophile and human trafficker that, Epstein “was a lover.”

Jane Doe 2’s friend, who did go on the trip, texted her to let Jane Doe 2 know that Hutchinson had also assaulted her and that she felt trapped because Hutchinson was her legal guardian. She reported that Hutchinson told her that he “owned” her. Hutchinson, of course, had tried to have himself named as Jane Doe 2’s guardian as well.

Role of Dunhill Partners and Virgin Hotels Dallas

Until recently, Defendant Hutchinson was the Founder and President of Defendant Dunhill Partners, Inc., a real estate company specializing in commercial properties. Defendant Hutchinson “stepped down” as President, in a move that coincided with his being charged with multiple felonies.

Defendant Dunhill provided funding for Hutchinson to continue his predatory conduct against Jane Doe 2 and other victims, including but not limited to his use of company travel accounts and company property. Dunhill knew or should have known that Defendant Hutchinson was using Dunhill funds, properties and/or connections in order to groom and attack his victims.

Virgin Hotels Dallas, LLC, partially owned and operated by Dunhill, knew or should have known of Hutchinson’s pattern of assaultive behavior toward his substantially younger victims however Defendant Virgin Hotels Dallas, LLC took no action to prevent these attacks. Upon information and belief employees of Dunhill and Virgin were aware of Hutchinson’s conduct and aggressive behavior with young women.

Under the direction of Hutchinson, the employees of Virgin were instructed to provide the minors in his company — including Jane Doe 2 — with alcohol, which Virgin employees did regularly. Moreover, in further attempt to tie Jane Doe 2’s future to him, Hutchinson acquired and arranged jobs for Jane Doe 2 and a friend at the Virgin Hotel. Hutchinson had the apparent authority to make hiring decisions as Jane Doe 2 was hired by the Virgin Hotel and employed immediately. Jane Doe 2 worked as a pool attendant and food server at the Hotel and earned at least two paychecks, if not more. The checks compensating her for her time working at the Virgin Hotel were written on an account of Dunhill Partners.

…Moreover, Jane Doe 2 while employed by Defendants Dunhill and/or Virgin Hotel, was assaulted and battered — physically, mentally and sexually — by Defendant Hutchinson. Hutchinson used the Hotel to groom and control Jane Doe 2 and Defendants Dunhill and Virgin Hotel knew of Defendant Hutchinson’s prior conduct. Defendants took no actions to prevent Hutchinson’s actions which were reasonably foreseeable with the knowledge they possessed.

Dunhill and Virgin Hotel were negligent in failing to hire, supervise train or control their employees and their leadership for their failure to formulate and enforce adequate training policies and procedures to prevent conduct such as Hutchinson’s. These actions were a proximate cause of the injuries sustained by Jane Doe 2.

…Upon information and belief, Defendants Dunhill and Virgin Hotel, had knowledge of Hutchinson’s behavior and assaultive conduct, but took no steps to prevent the reasonably foreseeable sexual assaults Hutchinson committed.

Defendants Dunhill and Virgin Hotel had a duty to protect Jane Doe 2 and others like her against the risk of injury by Defendant Hutchinson.

Defendants Dunhill and Virgin Hotel had self-imposed duties of responsibility for safety to its employees, agents, representatives, workers managers, associates, staff and/or independent contractors. Defendants Dunhill and Virgin Hotel breached this duty by failing to protect Jane Doe 2 from the criminal acts of Defendant Hutchinson. These breaches were a proximate cause of Jane Doe 2’s injuries.

Plaintiff summary

Jane Doe 21 was sixteen years old when she was first sexually assaulted by Defendant Bill Hutchinson. Hutchinson, a sixty-three year old multi-millionaire, real-estate mogul, and reality television star (“Marrying Millions”), repeatedly assaulted Jane Doe 2 over an approximate two month period of April and May 2021. Shortly after the final assault, Jane Doe 2 went to the police to file a formal complaint. Defendant Hutchinson has already been criminally charged with felony sexual assault of Jane Doe 2 by Highland Park Police. He was also arrested and charged for the assaults of Jane Doe 2 which took place in Laguna Beach, California.

…Bill Hutchinson is a methodical and deliberate predator, whose repeated sexual assaults of Jane Doe 2 beginning at age sixteen, have caused what will be lifelong trauma. Moreover, she has become alienated from her peers, some of whom now treat her as if she is to blame for Hutchinson’s criminal jeopardy, attacking her both publicly and privately. It is this fallout, of course, that Jane Doe 2 anticipated when she began struggling over what to do about Hutchinson’s repeated and unsolicited assaults-she knew she would be attacked and ostracized for telling the truth about her victimization.

…Defendant Hutchinson’s continued sexual assaults of Jane Doe 2 while a minor and subsequent to her 17th birthday were against her will and without consent were extreme and outrageous. This conduct is the most vile conduct contemplated in a civilized society.

…As a direct and proximate result of the above-described conduct, Jane Doe 2 has suffered pain, humiliation, embarrassment, fear, frustration, shame, harassment, indignation, despair, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and general mental anguish. In all reasonable likelihood, Jane Doe 2 will continue to suffer from said conditions for a protracted period of time into the future and in all probability for the balance of her natural life.

As a result of Defendant’s conduct, Jane Doe 2 has been damaged in a sum within the jurisdictional limits of this Court which includes her past and future physical pain and suffering, her past and future mental anguish, her costs of Court and all other damages, both general and special, at law and in equity to which Plaintiff may be justly entitled.

Responses from Bill and his businesses

From the Dallas Morning News:

“I believe the filing of this lawsuit has revealed to the public what we have always known: that this is really about money,” [Bill Hutchinson’s] attorney Levi McCathern said in a written statement. “The allegations supporting the criminal and civil case are and have always been false, and we look forward to showing as much with our day in court.”

Dunhill Partners said in a statement that “we remain deeply disturbed by the serious allegations against Bill Hutchinson” and that he his no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of the company. The statement, which does not address the allegations against Dunhill, says the company remains focused on its business.

A representative for Virgin Hotels Dallas could not immediately be reached. In response to a previous lawsuit, Virgin Hotels Dallas said it “takes any allegations of this type extremely seriously.”

Update – A rep from Virgin Hotels Dallas reached out to Starcasm with the following statement in regards to the allegations and Bill’s role with the company:

Virgin Hotels takes any allegations of this type extremely seriously. Mr. Hutchinson is one of several investors in Virgin Hotels Dallas and has now agreed to step away from his role in the hotel ownership group. He will no longer be involved in any capacity with Virgin Hotels Dallas. Virgin Hotels implements and enforces a training program for all teammates of bars and restaurants designed to establish and promote responsible beverage service policies and practices including strict enforcement prohibiting underage drinking. Given that this is an active investigation we cannot comment further.

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