LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Johnna blasts Garrett’s girlfriend Nelly with mug shot and arrest story

Love After Lockup Johnna posts Garretts girlfriend Nelly's mug shot photo

Due to her non-disclosure agreement with WE tv, Love After Lockup star Johnna DiGrigoli has been holding back responding to online photos and videos of her (former?) fiance Garrett Tanner hanging out with a mystery woman. But, that all changed after the mystery woman (a strip club bartender named Nelly) posted a series of Instagram clips having a fun day with Garrett and her daughter.

Let’s take a step back for a minute. After one of Nelly’s appearances on Garrett’s Instagram feed in which she was simply labeled “Natural,” Johnna responded on Twitter by declaring: “I low key want this ‘natural’ girl to pop on Garrett’s story again so I can give her the attention she really deserves. ?”

As we mentioned, Miss Natural didn’t pop on Garrett’s story, but he popped on hers. Apparently that was enough to justify Johnna delivering on her threat to give Nelly “the attention she really deserves” — in a BIG WAY! Or, as Johnna said: “She wanted to be known and I like to help the less fortunate so I’ll throw a dog a bone.”

That bone came in the form of posting a mug shot photo of Nelly on Instagram, along with the unbelievable story of how Johnna found out who she was. Here’s Nelly’s mug shot shared by Johnna:

Love After Lockup Garrett's girlfriend Miss Natural Nelly

As it turns out, it was Nelly’ arrest in December that Johnna was referencing in her spoiler “hint” about her current relationship status with Garrett. “There was an arrest made at the end of last year that has a major influence on where I am now with my feelings for Garrett,” Johnna teased. Before you jump to conclusions, Nelly’s arrest wasn’t for prostitution or anything like that — it was for possession of 133 grams of marijuana. Garrett was reportedly with her at the time, but was not charged.

How did Johnna find out about any of this? Nelly gave the cops Johnna’s address as her own! OMG! Johnna started getting mail from attorneys addressed to Miss Natural (not her actual name, yet) and got suspicious, so she called Garrett. Why am I still writing? Johnna said it all:

So…I can’t spill all the tea because I actually follow my NDA’s that I sign but I mean what can we expect from a guy who’s known for breaking rules, am I right? ? Anyways…first and foremost let’s give a nice warm welcome to Nelly! Aka “Miss Natural”. She wanted to be known and I like to help the less fortunate so I’ll throw a dog a bone. One day I checked my mail to find a ton of advertisements for attorneys all addressed to this majestic criminal pictured above. I decided to look her up only to find she was arrested for felony possession of MJ and worked at a strip club that a “guy I know” frequents. So I gave him a ring and he denied knowing her on a personal level but informed me that he was with her the night of the arrest. This kind of cleared up how my address was used but not fully. I decided I didn’t care enough to look more into it so I let it go until…SURPRISE cops at my door at 1am looking for Nelly. Now the dogs are riled up, I’m woken from my slumber and your bad choices are officially affecting my life. So now I take the time to investigate and man was I delightfully entertained by the information I discovered…more to follow next week after the season finale of Love After Lockup. Do we have another #hotfelon among us? ?

? ? ? ? ? In my line of work I see a lot of shade tossing attempts made by celebrities, and that was masterful! She even turned the whole #hotfelon thing around on them!

Of course, I went straight to the internet to find out more about Miss Natural’s arrest, and it is all golden.

The arrest went down at an address that looks to be an apartment complex in northeast Tampa. According to the incident report, “police were on foot patrol and observed the strong odor of marijuana emanating from a parked black Nissan.” There were two people in the vehicle with Nelly in the passenger seat. The other person was not identified, but I assume it was Garrett.

More from the report:

A search of the vehicle revealed a sealed clear plastic bag containing a green leafy substance under the front passenger seat. The clear plastic bag and suspected marijuana weighed approximately 133 grams. The suspected marijuana field tested positive. Post Miranda, the defendant admitted to being in possession of the marijuana located under the seat.

And yes, Nelly’s address is actually Johnna’s address. (How did she even know it?! I guess maybe Garrett fed it to her?)

In Florida, being in possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana is a third degree felony, so that’s what Nelly was charged with. She was later released on a $2,000 surety bond with a hearing scheduled for January 16. The hearing date arrived, but Nelly was a no show. A warrant was issued for her arrest on a failure to appear charge, and I assume this was when police arrived at Johnna’s house looking for her.

Nelly was arrested again just last week, and this time was released on a $4,000 bond. Here is her latest mug shot photo:

Love After Lockup Johnna's fiance

Johnna has her fair share of detractors, but I don’t think ANYONE aside from Garrett and Miss Natural wouldn’t be on #TeamJohnna in this situation! You leave your fiancée for a strip club bartender, and when your new baetender gets arrested, she gives the cops your ex’s address? Nope. Nope. Nope. (By the way, that’s a crime in itself, right? Providing false information to a police officer?)

Also, Garrett is currently out on parole, and I can’t imagine being with someone arrested for felony drug possession would not be a parole violation — right? I’m wondering if he somehow managed to convince the arresting officer to leave his identity out of the arrest report, and now he’s gonna get caught because he poked the bear that is Johnna DiGrigoli one too many times.

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that Johnna has tweeted that she does not believe Garrett cheated on her. “I just wish everyone could be patient and wait till episode 7 when all is revealed,” she wrote. “I don’t want Garrett to be painted as a cheater because he’s a lot of things but a cheater isn’t one of them.” I’m going to assume this means that they were already broken up at the time of Miss Natural’s arrest — or at least soon after? It certainly doesn’t sound like he was living with Johnna when the cops arrived looking for Nelly.

Johnna also joked about the potential repercussions of shading Garrett and Nelly. “If I come up dead or missing ya’ll know who did it. ?” she tweeted.

Wow. This story is amazing! And judging from Johnna’s social media posts over the past month, this will all play out on the show. So be sure to tune in to the remaining episodes of Love After Lockup airing Friday nights at 10/9c on WE tv! Or, as Johnna said, “Don’t let my tea spillage distract you from what’s really important…new episode of #LoveAfterLockup tonight. I already know what I get into but what about my fellow cast mates? Can’t wait to tune in.” Us either!

UPDATE – More tea from Nelly and Johnna, including a detailed account of Garrett and Johnna’s break up!

As a tribute to Johnna, here is Elvis Presley performing an altered version of the traditional song “Frankie and Johnnie.” I wish the gender of the names were reversed so it would better fit Garrett and Johnna, but whatcha gonna do? At least he gets Nelly’s name right. 😉 Oh, and the .44 pistol that Frankie (Johnna) uses in the song is just a metaphor for Twitter:

If you want the Full Monty that will have you ROTFL, here’s an extended clip that is 100% Garrett, Johnna, and Nelly:

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