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As we previously reported, Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup star Vincent Gonzalez was arrested twice last year for domestic battery after altercations with his fiancée, Jerita. The first case was dismissed, but the second case was prosecuted and a judge handed down a sentence earlier this month.

According to court records, Vince was given an interim sentence on March 2. What that means is that Vince has the opportunity to either have the charge dropped or lessened if he adheres to the interim sentencing conditions. Judging from the last stipulation, it looks as though the charge will be dismissed.

Here are the conditions:

1. 90-Day Suspended Jail Sentence

2. Stay Out of Trouble (No time frame given)

3. 6 Months of Domestic Violence Counseling

4. 48 hours Mandatory Community Service (Credit for time served, closed 03/02/2021)

5. 2 Days in Jail with 2 Days Credit for Time Served

6. 35 hours of Community Service In Lieu of Cash Bond

7. If so, to be dismissed

Cash Bond Criminal Deferred Disposition Fee: $345.00

If the situation and sentencing sounds familiar, that is because it is nearly identical to that of 90 Day Fiance star Larisa dos Santos Lima. Larissa was also arrested multiple times for domestic battery in Clark County after several altercations with her husband Colt Johnson. The only difference in their sentencings is that Larissa’s deal resulted in a lesser misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct as opposed to a dismissal.

I am guessing that Larissa and her attorney, The DUI Doctor, were not able to work out a deal for a dismissal like Vince’s due to the fact that Larissa was arrested three separate times — once more than Vince.

Vincent hasn’t posted about the sentencing on social media, at least not that I could find. Here is one of his Instagram posts from the day of his sentencing:

Vince’s ex Jerita doesn’t appear to have responded to his sentencing either. (It should be noted that the two of them got back together briefly after Vince’s second arrest.)

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