Gilmore Girls revival in the works at Netflix

Gilmore Girls revival 3

After years of rumors and false starts, it’s finally (potentially) happening: a Gilmore Girls revival is in the works over at Netflix. The story broke yesterday, when TV Line shared the first report of a possible Gilmore Girls revival–and most fans, tired of the “Maybe it’ll happen” drama of the eight years since the show went off the air, yawned.

Then, Lorelai Gilmore herself gave credence to the report, when she tweeted the following:


Gilmore Girls revival 2

According to TV Line–and subsequent reports by Entertainment Weekly and Variety–Netflix is not planning a full-scale, season-long Gilmore Girls revival. For one thing, most of the cast is too busy with other projects; for another, some cast members, like beloved Edward Hermann, who played equally beloved grandfather Richard Gilmore–have since died.

Instead of a 13-or 22-episode arc, made up of 45- or 50-minute episodes, Netflix is looking for four 90-minute episodes: Gilmore movies, if you like. Or “Gilmovies,” if you prefer.

Gilmore Girls reunion 4

In addition, show creator and former head writer Amy Sherman-Palladino, who did not participate in Gilmore Girls‘ critically panned final season, will be back as writer and producer.

Unfortunately, Melissa McCarthy is not expected to reprise her role as chef Sooki St. James. It’s believed that McCarthy is one of the cast members whose busy schedule won’t allow her to participate; McCarthy currently has three movies in development, and several others on the way.

On a related note, star Lauren Graham also took to Twitter not long ago to underscore how long it’s been since Gilmore Girls was actually on the air:


No word yet on when the Gilmore Girls revival will be available for your binging pleasure.  


(Photo credits: Gilmore Girls revival via, Lauren Graham on Twitter)

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