LOVE ON THE SPECTRUM Dani Bowman has a successful animation education company

Love on the Spectrum’s Dani Bowman (26) is highly ambitious and expects her ideal partner to be as well. Because she’s already accomplished so much at a young age, Dani is looking for someone who’s highly motivated and has great hygiene because she’s not a fan of bad breath.

Dani, who lives with her aunt and uncle in Los Angeles, started her own animation company at age 14. The company, Danimation, focuses on providing animation education for people on the autism spectrum. Dani was inspired to start a company as a young teen by Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri, who launched Game Freak at only 17-years-old.

Here’s Dani working from her home office:


My home office! I work 98% of my life. This is why it’s so hard to find the right fit for me.

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Dani even used her animation skills to produce a short about her love troubles

What does Dani want from a partner?

Dani wants someone who’s financially secure with an entrepreneurial spirit. Her ideal relationship would be with someone she considers to be a work partner. She wants her love life and work life to be combined “into one. Like the helix of a DNA structure.”

“He needs to be kind, respect my boundaries, be somebody who is very diligent to his work and very loyal,” she says. “We are independent, but at the same time depend on one another.”

Is Dani still single?

Although Dani immediately thought she found love with Solomon on the first date, she broke up with him after the second date because she was disappointed in his lack of career focus.

She connected with Adan, who was going to school for animation, during a speed dating event. After a successful first date, which was Adan’s first date ever, Dani made plans with Adan for a second one, potentially at an animation convention or event.

The end of the show revealed that Dani ended up reconnecting with Solomon, but they broke up soon afterward. She still had plans for a second date with Adan.

It looks like neither of these love prospects panned out, however. Dani told the Netflix blog Tudum that Adan is occupied with college right now, but she does hope to connect with him again.

“Looks can be deceiving,” Dani told the website. “Especially if you think they’re giving you a good impression. But don’t let the looks fool you — you have to remain patient.”

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