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Rehab Addict star Nicole Curtis reaches agreement with ex in three-year custody battle

It looks like what was possibly the most stressful battle of Nicole Curtis' life has finally come to a close. The Rehab Addict star has reached an agreement with baby daddy Shane Maguire in the pair's long custody battle. During the protracted court fight, Nicole surprised longtime fans by leaving her Midwest home and moving out to California -- read on to find out why, plus see the terms of her custody agreement.

Does Nicole Curtis from Rehab Addict really do her own work?

Rehab Addict's Nicole Curtis has been a full-time professional for over half her life, but still has to deal–on a daily basis–with the public perception that she doesn't *really* do the work involved in renovating and restoring the old houses featured on her show. We thought we'd help combat that perception with some fun videos of Nicole working overtime behind the scenes–and doing a lot of things that most reality TV stars wouldn't think of.