YUKON MEN Courtney Agnes’ daughters light up the Alaskan darkness for mom and dad

Courtney Agnes' daughters 1

It’s obvious from their comparatively limited Yukon Men screen time that Courtney Agnes’ daughters are the light of her life. But you have to check out Courtney’s social media feeds–in case you didn’t know, her Twitter account is here and her Facebook account is here–to really get a sense of how close mother and daughters are. Alaska’s long winters would draw any family closer together, but the fact that her husband Archie’s job takes him away from home for months at a time means that Courtney, her oldest daughter Frances (or “Cuppy,” as viewers know her), and youngest daughter Carrie have to rely on each other more than most families in the lower 48.

Though Courtney has lived in Tanana pretty much her whole life (she spent a few years taking classes at the University of Alaska’s Anchorage campus before deciding that college wasn’t for her), Cuppy is originally from Fairbanks. As Courtney recently explained in a Q&A with fans, she was born there and lived there for the first year of her life before Courtney and Archie took her into their home through foster care.

In the same Q&A, Courtney revealed the sweet story behind the eight-year-old’s nickname. “‘Cuppy’ is her nickname ’cause she was round as a cupcake when she was a baby,” she said. “So it just kinda stuck, ’cause she was really chunky.” Here’s a throwback pic Courtney shared of Cuppy from around the time she would have gotten the nickname–you can judge for yourself whether it’s accurate 🙂

And Courtney and Archie were able to formally adopt Cuppy on (or around) February 12, 2014, when she was approximately five years old and had already lived in Tanana for the vast majority of her life. According to Courtney in a comment on the tweet below, it was a “wicked” process for two-and-a-half of the four years it took to adopt, so the adoption party itself must have been that much sweeter:

Courtney started to share photos of her youngest daughter Carrie shortly after her 2013 birth:

And, as you might expect, Carrie fell right into the rhythms of the Agnes family–which was easier than it might sound for such an outdoorsy bunch, given how often Carrie was asleep 😉

We’ll close with another family shot–this one taken from the Hawaiian vacation the family was on when Courtney Agnes’ daughters helped mom with the Q&A mentioned above. One other thing Courtney mentioned in the Q&A is that Yukon Men is not an automatic lock for a new season–so, if you want to see more of the show, make sure to share the show’s video clips and photos as much as possible, and let Discovery know you want more.

Yukon Men Season 7 continues Friday nights at 9 on Discovery.

(Photo credits: Courtney Agnes’ daughters via Twitter, Facebook)

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