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It’s been an especially big week at the Busby home: ahead of Outdaughtered‘s new season and just three days after celebrating oldest daughter Blayke’s birthday, the Busby quints birthday took center stage! If you can believe it, the quints are now three years old, and their big present from mom and dad was a toy sure to strike joy (and a little bit of fear) in the hearts of parents of toddlers everywhere.

Also, in case you thought that was a mistake: yes, all of the Busby girls really do have their birthdays three days apart. Blayke, who celebrated with a robot-tastic party this year, was born on April 5, 2011; the Busby quints birthday is April 8th, 2015. (It’s a good thing Danielle and Adam didn’t conceive nine months before Christmas…)

Thanks to the family’s official social media accounts, we have some cute photos and videos from the Busby quints birthday itself. First up is this sweet clip of Ava, Hazel, Olivia, Parker, and Riley singing “Happy Birthday” to themselves. And if you trip up on naming all five of them, don’t worry — so do the girls:

As for that aforementioned birthday present of joy and fear? It’s a spring-free trampline: perfect for helping the kids burn off some energy, develop their balance, and figure out how to avoid mid-air collisions when they’ve got four or five sisters bouncing along with them:

As for the Busby quints birthday itself, Danielle shared another photo of the party, complete with more presents and birthday cake:

Though TLC has yet to officially confirm Outdaughtered‘s new season, Danielle and Adam both accidentally confirmed that the cameras began rolling last autumn with a string of errant social media posts. (We’ve since learned a bit more about what the new season will contain; click here to find out.)

Finally, we’ll close with this handy-dandy “How To Tell The Quints Apart” video, presented by the Busby family on its official YouTube channel. The March release is actually a remake of an earlier video, shot when the quints were considerably younger:

You can catch up on the show by streaming Outdaughtered here, via TLC.

(Photo credits: Busby quints birthday via It’s A Buzz World on YouTube)

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