Listed Sisters family throwback photos are the perfect supplement to the HGTV hit

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Listed Sisters is HGTV’s newest Nashville-based hit, though the adjective “sleeper” has never been more appropriate. The show has an 11 PM start time, which makes it the latest show in the network’s regular rotation, and one of the most-dependent upon reruns and block programming throughout the rest of the week. All of which is to say that you can be forgiven for missing new episodes of the show, but that you should definitely not sleep on Lex and Alana’s social media feeds (ICYMI: Instagram here and here, and Facebook here) for throwback goodness and overall family adorablosity.

For starters, here’s the winter version of the photo at the top of the article, which Lex shared on the sisters’ Christmas Eve birthday late last year. “A very happy birthday,” she wrote, “to my twinny twin twin. You are cool as a Cadillac circa 1985!”

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And here’s a compilation photo the sisters shared a few months back, which incorporates the image at the top of the article and takes us from the past through to the present:

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Not long ago Lex and Alana also shared another compilation pic, this one featuring their older brother Errol and younger sister Llorin:

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Speaking of the extended LeBlanc family, here’s a throwback pic Alana recently shared in celebration of Father’s Day and Errol Desmond LeBlanc, she and Lex’s proud papa:

Happy Father's Day to my super Rad Dad! ?❤️

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(On a related note, it was actually Errol who shed a little light on the LeBlanc family history and Listed Sisters ethnicity. According to comments he made on social media, the Listed Sisters are part Indian on Errol’s side; his father–their grandfather–came from India. The family also traces its roots to “South America,” though Errol didn’t get any more specific than that.)

One more childhood throwback for good measure, before we jump ahead in time:

Flashback Friday y'all! I found an old box of photos a couple of weeks ago and oh my gosh the gems I found! #FBF #80sbabies

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Finally, here’s a pair of more recent photos–the first of the three LeBlanc sisters on a night out with their mother, Azalia; and the second during a jaunt with their father:

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New episodes of Listed Sisters air Wednesdays at 11 PM on HGTV.

(Photo credits: Listed Sisters ethnicity via Facebook, Instagram)

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