Jessica Chastain’s family tragedies: estranged dad’s death and sister’s suicide


Oscar nominee Jessica Chastian (35) grew up with with vegan chef mom Jerri and her fireman step-dad Michael Hastey, but there is real tragedy in the family on her biological father’s side.

Her sister Juliet killed herself 2003 when she was only 24 years old, and February 5th this year Jessica’s real dad Micahel Monasterio suddenly died from complications from bronchitis. 

Actress Jessica Chastain's biological father Michael Monasterio

Actress Jessica Chastain’s biological father Michael Monasterio

Monasterio and Jessica’s mom Jerri were teenage parents when Jessica was born in 1977. Jessica never mentions Monasterio, and had been estranged from him since she and her  now-deceased sister Juliet were very young. A family friend told Star Magazine last week that Monasterio blamed Jessica’s mom Jerri for this estrangements, saying she “took off” and “changed her name so I couldn’t find them for years.”

Juliet ended up reconnecting with Michael, but Jessica never did. Juliet ended up taking her own life at Michael Monasterio’s house. Two years ago Michael opened up about how painful Juliet’s death on Facebook saying “She took her life at my home with a shotgun. It f**ked my world up for years . . . It demolished me.”

Jessica’s sister Juliet:

Juliet Jessica Chastain suicide


Juliet jessica chastain killed herself


Monasterio ended up having two more daughters, Jessica’s half sisters Laci Smoot and Nicole Monasterio.

Michael died without money, so daughter Nicole is asking for donations to fund his burial and memorial service. There is also a Facebook Page set up in Michael Monasterio‘s memory. Jessica reportedly did not attend the memorial service.

This is a sad story, but this is only one side. Jessica has chosen to celebrate her step-father, and so far to not mention Michael’s passing, or her undoubtedly complicated feelings about it. UPDATE: The following November (2013) Jessica spoke about the issue for the first time in a Vogue interview. She said there was no father listed on her birth certificate, so there was “no proof of anything.” She said that she had remained quiet at the time of Michael’s death out of respect for stepfather Michael Hastey, who she says is “one of the greatest people” she knows. She says she felt security for the first time in her life when she came into her life.

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Jessica Chastain is one of the favorites to win the Academy Award for Best Actress this Sunday and is rumored  to be dating Count Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo.

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