Dean McDermott’s ex-wife says Tori Spelling needs rehab


Dean McDermott’s ex-wife, Mary Jo Eustace, said she was disturbed by what she witnessed at Tori Spelling’s home when filming a recent episode of True Tori.

“Sadly, now I actually know what goes on behind the scenes in their home and that is even more tragic than what makes it on camera,” Mary Jo told InTouch this week. “Tori needs rehab more than him.”

This fall, Mary Jo met up with Tori to discuss problems with their — as Tori put it — “common denominator.” Tori explained on her show, “Having gone through with him being with another woman I feel in some weird way connected to Mary Jo.” However, Mary Jo now says she wasn’t seeking a new buddy when she agreed to meet up with her ex-husband’s wife.

“[I wanted] to rewrite the narrative that I was the older, bitter wife,” Mary Jo said of appearing on the show. “I wanted to show how we as a blended family could move forward and be civil and respectful.”

Even though she had good intentions, Mary Jo said she couldn’t ignore the troubling things she saw at Tori and Dean’s home: “She needs serious help for the hoarding issue. She’s admitted her kids aren’t even fazed by her extended hospital stays anymore. And all their fighting in front of the children — it’s so dark.”

Mary Jo added the reality star seems to have deep-rooted anxiety issues — many of which are linked to Tori’s relationship with her mom, Candy Spelling. Mary Jo said she got a glimpse into that complicated dynamic when she attended a birthday party of Tori and Dean’s daughter, Hattie.

“Tori came up to me in a panic and said, ‘What were you talking to my mother about? My mother takes all my friends.’ It was so incredibly sad and disconcerting,” Mary Jo said of Tori’s reaction after Mary Jo and Candy spoke. “She needs counseling to stop blaming her parents for her issues and take responsibility for the things that got her in this situation.”

Last night was the second-season finale of True Tori. Dean previously vowed not to return for a potential third season.

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