Tori Spelling was rushed to the hospital again

Tori Hospital

Tori Spelling can’t seem to catch a break. After struggling with illness for the last year, the mother-of-four found herself back in the hospital again on Friday.

Tori’s husband, Dean, drove her to the Encino Hospital Medical Center where she was taken to the emergency room according to The Daily Mail. Even though she looked weak and pale, Tori was well enough to walk herself in after Dean dropped her off at the door.

While the reasons for her other hospitalizations stem from respiratory infections and other unknown causes, the jury is still out as to the reason for Tori’s hospital trip this weekend.

UPDATE- Tori tweeted a frustrated message about the media and their attempts to over dramatize events in her life after her visit to the emergency room. She claims the hospital visit was connected with her frequent migraines

Tori Tweet

Neither Tori nor Dean have taken to social media to address the hospital visit however, Dean posted a light-hearted picture of an apple on Instagram earlier today along with the caption, “Forget eating like a #king, I want to eat like a #kid! #thegourmetdad #squirmywormy #foodart” leading me to believe that Tori’s trip to the hospital wasn’t a major issue.

For fans of True Tori, this won’t come as a surprise. Viewers saw Tori struggle with illness, including severe anxiety, migraines, and a stint in the hospital throughout the second season of the series.

Previous to this hospital visit, the couple recently attended the Ok Magazine pre Oscar party looking healthy and relatively happy though Dean spent much of his photo opp talking on the phone.

Tori and Dean Pre Oscar Party

Could this be another respiraTORI issue or something related to her mental health?