Mary Jo Eustace, Dean McDermott’s ex wife is writing a new tell-all book


We’re watching Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s relationship crumble on reality television and in the press, but they started out from a pretty rocky situation. Both Tori and Dean were married when they got together, and according to Dean’s ex wife, 51-year-old Canadian actress Mary Jo Eustace, he came in one day from golf and told her Tori Spelling was his “soul mate,” who loved him unconditionally. Now, of course, that unconditional love, or at least unconditional acceptance, is being tested by infidelity.

After the divorce, Mary Jo wrote a book called Divorce Sucks and made a few media appearance, and now in light of Dean’s rehab and other troubles, she is Tweeting about writing a new one. There is even talk that she’s been cavorting with fellow scorned wife Brandi Glanville.

“I wish Dean only the best in his struggle to overcome the demons he has been wrestling with for many years, so he can become the father and the man I know he wants to be,” Mary Jo told People after news that Dean was in rehab a few months ago. The couple have a 15-year-old son named Jack and were together for 13 years before he left her for Tori.

“Just signed my book deal!! Spring 2015 launch….beyond excited!” she recently tweeted. The last book she wrote reportedly caused Tori to “collapse” in devastation, but maybe she can see things more from Mary Jo’s perspective now. It was really more of a guidebook to divorce than spilling juicy secrets, but in a February tweet she says she plans to let those secrets out. “Waiting to hear about an amazing project,” she tweeted before news of the book was confirmed. “Spilling all my secrets ….”

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